20 March 2015

A Short Guide to Air Travelling

As I'll be flying back home soon, I thought it would be fun to share my air travelling tips. Overall, I like flying. It's an exciting experience that allows you to discover new places or go back to old ones, and that, in any case, will lead to something interesting. Please be aware that the tips I'm giving here are thought of for short flights, although some points might be useful for longer flights as well!

Travel light
No matter what company I'm travelling with, unless I have something very urgent to carry I'll bring a carry-on and a small shoulder bag. First, you never know whether the company has changed its allowance, and second, it's healthier for your body. Your body might get tired of carrying heavy weights for long times. If your shoulder bag is small enough, you'll be able to tuck it under your coat and not make it count as an extra bag: you're only using it for your phone, tickets and passport anyway.

Bring a book
Travelling is the best moment you'll ever get to read. Remember that book you wanted to finish but didn't have time to? Or that one that's been on your reading bucket list for an excessively long time and that you've been craving but not been able to take off your shelf? It is finally time for doing that! Again, remember to think about the weight. I always bring a paperback with me that I can easily slip it into the exterior pocket (if you have one) of my hand luggage. Books with hard covers can be quite inconvenient. You can enjoy reading those back home anyway.

Keep your phone charge in mind 
Nobody likes being left out of charge! Make sure you carry your charging cable in your hand baggage or a (charged) charger for your phone. When you have no internet, or you know that you aren't going to use it, turn the airplane mode on: it will save up some of the phone energy. You can also keep the luminosity low or adjust it according to the charge left. Yes, I've used the word charge 5 times (this is the sixth).

If you have the chance to, do some meditation. You'd be surprised at how beneficial this could be for you. You can start by listening to your breath to prepare for a nap or just relax, or you can listen to a recorded meditation on your device. You'll still be tired after the flight, but maybe a little less than usual.

Be open to people around you
If you're by yourself, be open to speaking to other people. You might meet someone who is very friendly and have a nice chat with them, or you could get to learn something new about different cultures!

Bring healthy snacks
I know that airports are the best at attempting you to buy junk food, but I tend to resist that impulse, because I will probably get very sleepy and I'll still be hungry afterwards. During my last trips I brought some almonds and Brazilian nuts with me and I found them great! They are salty so you won't necessarily feel like you want more of them like you do with sweets, and they full you up so you don't have to buy extra unhealthy airplane food. They usually come into small plastic bags so they're very handy as well: pop them into your side pocket and you're done for the whole (short) trip!

Wear warm clothes
Now, I love warm and cozy clothes because I cannot bear the cold at all. If you experience this too, bring warm socks and a scarf (which can also serve as a mini pillow): they can be life savers while you're up in the air! As a matter of fact, it's always a bit cool up in the air, whether you're flying in August or January.

I hope that these tips will be useful for anyone reading this post out there! :)

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