25 March 2015

Audiobook Adventure

As you may know, I'm not very good at not reading. I like reading a lot and I hate saying "I have no time to read". Let's face it, that's a lie! We might not have much time to read, but what about our time spent on the internet? It's just easier to be on social networks than reading a book, because it requires less concentration. Reading is active, browsing is passive. A small part of our time on the internet is spent actively by posting, researching, reading, etc., but most of it is about skimming news articles, checking silly Facebook posts, looking at pictures and so on.

Back to the main point. In one of my long morning walks to university I was thinking about this whole reading-and-browsing thing when I felt sorry at the idea of having to give up fun reading for my assignments again. What a horrible perspective. And then, I had an idea! Why not trying the Amazon audiobook free trial I kept getting emails on? As I walked back home I logged in the website and found out that Amazon is somehow linked to another bookish website called They offer a 30 day free trial where you can download any book you want to listen to. All you need is a Smartphone / mp3 / tablet to be able to download the app (which is free!) and listen to it. I felt so happy!

I immediately signed up for the amazing deal and decided to download a long book that I wouldn't normally be able to finish because of its length (640 pages): "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon (stay tuned for the book review).

Let me say how cool audiobooking is! I love it! What you do is you basically use a technological device to listen to a book that is read out loud by expert narrators, actors and others. It is something you usually do while walking, before sleeping or on the bus / train (that can be tricky because of people's chatter around you). At the beginning it's very difficult to follow, you have to train yourself to get used to it. It is a great method to practice your listening skills (useful for lectures) and also stimulating your fantasy: not even having a book in front of you, you are challenged to imagine everything you are told by the narrator.

The book I listened to is a fantasy and I'm pretty sure that that made a difference. Most of the book is set in beautiful green locations and Scottish castles, and that made me observe the nature and buildings around me, imagining them as the locations of the book. While walking I felt like I was being transported into a dream, and also back to my childhood when I used to listen to audio cassettes and imagine different worlds. This might sound weird, but that's what great stories do to me.

Having said this, I would love to continue listening to audiobooks. I'm not sure if I'll sign up for the monthly subscription as it's quite pricey! I might just try and get back into physical book reading first :)

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