26 April 2015

Morning Iyengar Yoga

This morning I ventured into a one hour and a half Iyengar yoga class at my teacher's studio. I thought that instead of spending my Sunday morning in bed with my book I could do something with my day and boost some energy. And it worked!
In my years of ballet I exercised in the morning only before dance shows, so at first I wasn't very used to practice so early. With yoga I practice in the morning once a week at the weekend (besides weekday classes in the afternoon), and I think that it's great! It's very challenging, but for that very reason it can make you feel determined and really push you to do your best.

Some tips for exercising in the morning are getting an early night sleep, wake up early and impose some rules to yourself. I also drink a lot of water which wakes me up and do a quick session of meditation which brings me both inner peace and energy at the same time, along with a fresh, positive mindset for the day. Whether you are working out from home or at the gym, I can understand that it can be tough to force yourself into yoga pants and dog pose, but think about the great feeling coming from that activity afterwards!

After cycling back home from yoga today, I felt super tired. It was a hard session with some very challenging bits but I felt so strong and powerful that I didn't care. I felt active enough to make a healthy lunch, write a blog post and keep working on my essays. So, are you going to try your workout on your next Sunday morning after reading this? ;)


  1. Thank you for visiting hope to see you soon,looks like there is a lot here,I'm sure there will be more for us to talk about

  2. I feel like I should start incorporating a few yoga stretches to my morning routine. :)

  3. You definitely should! Once you start you'll feel amazing, I promise ;)