23 May 2015

Tasting Ashtanga Yoga

As you might have read in my previous posts on yoga, until now I have only tried Iyengar yoga and Vinyasa flow. This morning I decided to try out a new class without knowing what I was getting myself into. It turned out that the class was Ashtanga yoga, a type that mixes up the Vinyasa flow to breathing exercises.
After having practiced Iyengar yoga, which requires a big amount of concentration and body strength, I have to say that I found that Ashtanga yoga lacked a sense of completion. The flow of movements was very rapid, not allowing you to really connect with your body. I didn't feel much of a benefit in holding painful poses (due to the lack of a warm up) to listen to the breath, and I found myself getting distracted quite often. We did a very short Savasana at the end which, in my opinion, is an important part of the class that requires a longer time.

What I found interesting was the spiritual side of Ashtanga yoga. The teacher said that the Om resembles the ocean's waves, and even if I could not feel it then I found the idea beautiful. I'm still a bit awkward about it though.

I want to be open to new types of yoga and learn more. This was an interesting experience but I realised that I'm more into Iyengar yoga.

What types of yoga do you like to practise or do you recommend?


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