19 June 2015

Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho - Book Review

A few weeks ago, after the end of my exams, I felt like I needed to read something spiritual and relaxing again. I don't read many spiritual books, but I like to go back to Paulo Coelho's reflective style once in a while. This time I chose Eleven Minutes, a book of love, sacrifice and self discovery.
Eleven Minutes is the story of Maria, a Brazilian girl with high ambitions for her future. On a holiday to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she receives a job offer in Geneva, Switzerland and accepts it. She starts working at an expensive night club as a prostitute and saves money to build a farm and help her family back in Brazil. But she also grows internally, understanding herself, men's vulnerable nature, sex and love.

When I first read the plot of the book, it didn't particularly appeal to me. While reading though, I understood that in this type of book plots don't count much and are all the same somehow, because their focus is on life and universal topics like love, death and self-growth. The interesting side of Coelho's analysis of such themes is that he speaks simple but wise truths, reminding of us of what truly matters in life. It is through Coelho that I have learnt that life experiences are good and bad, but all prove useful in some way; that if you really want something, all universe will conspire for it to happen; and that if that doesn't, then there is surely an equally significant reason.

Maria’s story is a common one of many girls who seek money, fortune and a man to settle down and get away from their poor past. However, I felt like she was a bit different and eventually (this isn’t a spoiler since there is an open ending) she will be successful in some way, because she found herself.

If you’ve never read anything by Coelho, I suggest you start with The Alchemist, the most successful one and the foundation of his novels.

My edition: Paulo Coelho, 2003. Eleven Minutes. Harper Perennial. Pages: 280. This paperback edition is easy to carry around; the font is fairly big, easily readable.


  1. I've heard such great things about The Alchemist! This book sounds lovely and I've been meaning to pick up some of Coelho's books. Great review! xoxo

  2. Thanks! Yes they are very interesting books, definitely check one out to see if you like the category! Not everyone is into them, but I find that reflective mode relaxing :)

  3. I saw this book earlier but its doesnt get my attention but reading your post, the book actually sounds pretty good. Im going to check it out :D

    Oh ya, I nominate you for the Infinity Dreams Award... Head over here( to read about it... :)

  4. Aw thank you so much! Can't wait to start writing :) ❤️