8 June 2015

Goodbye Bristol!

It finally got to this point. I finished my second year of university and I'm ready to start another year abroad before my final year of uni back in Bristol.

In these last days, a friend came to visit me. We went around Bristol and also spent a day in London, lucky enough to have a great weather. Here are some pictures I took while wandering around.

Clifton Suspension Bridge was amazing as it was a sunny (and warm!) day. Bristol is so different when it's sunny, I love it :)

We also had a look at some vintage shops in Clifton Village Arcade...

...And obviously went book hunting in charity shops (bought another Tracy Chevalier book!)

Then walked towards City Centre and went to St Nicholas Market.
Next day we went to London. First stop was National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery. Although I've been there many times I always like to go back (and they're both free!).

We had lunch at Pret a Manger near Trafalgar Square, which was lovely. I had a quinoa and salmon salad with beans and lemon.
We then went shopping at Harrods where we spent ages in the food and gift departments. I bought a beautiful purse (I'm so obsessed with it right now!)

We also passed through Hyde Park which looked amazing as it was sunny :)
Finally, we went to Royal and Albert to have something to drink. We sat outside before leaving to Victoria and getting back to Bristol.

On Sunday we went back to Clifton Village and had the best Sunday roast of my time in England!
Overall, we had a great time in both places. I love both cities, and walking around with a friend is the best thing to do! Hope you liked the pictures <3


  1. That little plaza with the pond in the center looks beautiful!

  2. Yeah, it is! It's the patio of Victoria & Albert Museum so besides the café it offers a bit of an artistic atmosphere :)

  3. Cafés are nice for some coffee though, which always makes things even better! 😜

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Aww thank you for passing Lor!

  6. Bristol's looking beautiful! Congrats on finishing second year :)

  7. Congrats on finishing your second year of university. Quite a big step! Lovely location. The pictures are amazing!

  8. Hi Lucy! Thank you :) I agree, Bristol is definitely a lovely place!

  9. Great pictures,I love vintage,the food looks to die for
    Thanks for visiting
    As always Sheldon

  10. Thank you for stopping by! :)