28 July 2015

10 Things to Do on a Summer Day

Unless you're reading this post from, well, South America, Australia or Africa (and so on), summertime mode is on. Thank God! We've all been waiting for this magical moment to read the book we've longed for, watch the stars shining at night without getting cold outside, sit by the pool and paint our nails in bright colours.
However, I'm sure that some of you got slightly confused after the first two days of work-free excitement and wondered: what the hell am I going to do for the whole day today? Yes, I felt that too. Here are some of my tips on what to do on a free summer day :)

1 - Scrapbook with your best friend

We all know scrapbooking is that typical activity that you don't have time to do when working or studying. Planning what you're going to write about, printing your pictures and drawing feel like ages when you don't have any free time. But now that you do, why not meet up with your best friends and do that together over a cup of (ice) tea and your favourite YouTubers' last videos?

Besides, maybe you don't have a scrapbook yet but you've been wanting to start one. You don't even need a fancy one - just grab a notebook with a hard cover and decorate it with glitters and stickers, or just by pasting your pictures on the front. It will look lovely.

2 - Read

Read everything you always wanted to read and didn't have the time to. Take your guilty pleasure read out. That may be Cosmopolitan magazine or a silly romance beach read, or even your favourite book that you have already read a thousand times but which you still love - it's ok. You can do it now.

In alternative, discover some amazing blogs through Bloglovin' or read some all time bestsellers! Find some suggestions among my book reviews here. My ultimate summery suggestion though is definitely Nora Roberts.

3 - Watch YouTube videos

I could literally spend all my days in front of YouTube. I love it (hoping I'm not the only nerd here)!

4 - Wake up early and watch the Sunrise

Waking up at 5 am?! Are you kidding me? Oh wait - I don't have work tomorrow and I could do it! *Little dance*

Jokes apart, I am planning to do this on my next seaside trip, because the sunrise on the beach is even better. If you are lucky enough to be going to the countryside or the seaside or some other natural environments I am SURE it will be worth it. Yes, you'll feel sleepy at first, but going for a walk early in the morning (even a jog, if you're that brave) does feel magical.

5 - Spend time immersed in Nature

I am a massive lover of nature. Having grown up in a house in the middle of the countryside, I feel a bit hectic when only living in the city. What I like to do is walking in the countryside. I love going for walks all year long, but in summer the weather is even better to enjoy them. My advice is go walk in the wild, then stop and spent some time in silence, breathing the fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature. You could do that in the countryside, the mountains, around a lake… Wherever there's a bit of green really. Being in the middle of nature is so refreshing and pleasant.

7 - Take baths

By the pool. At the seaside. In a lake. It's summer so it's meant to be hot enough to take baths outdoors and finally use your new delicious-smelling sunscreen! 

8- Meditate

Meditation is like magic for humans. Sitting down every day with patience to meditate is one of the biggest steps you can make to improve your lifestyle. Bringing calm within ourselves is fundamental to survive our hectic lifestyle and meditation can definitely do that.

8 - Make a Smoothie!

Stay hydrated and healthy is super important as well and you can't do that without fresh food!
I have recently developed a smoothie addiction. I am actually making a smoothie per day at breakfast using peaches, kiwis, apricots, melon and watermelon (not necessarily in this combination) and adding soy milk, ice and fresh water. They give that refreshing feeling that we all need in summer when it's hot outside. Perfect.

9 -  Discover new places

My ideal summer trip would be visiting cities with a beautiful historic centre or rural destinations like the seaside or the mountains - and I guess that feels the same for many people. Well, that's not always possible. One might not have enough time or money to invest on a holiday. However, look at it in this way: discovering new places doesn't mean leaving your country - you can go sightseeing in your own town or go for a walk in areas of your city you still haven't been to! I'm sure there are some interesting ways to do something where you are.

10 - Start a Blog!

Some of my friends have been asking me how I get ideas for my own blog, when do I write and so on. My suggestion is that if you are unsure of starting a blog, just do it! It's super easy and fun and it's free! If you don't feel confident at first you don't need to be sharing it with others, just do it for yourself. When I started blogging I didn't want to share my Facebook page because I was too shy to. I slowly built a bit more confidence and now here I am, sharing it with the world!

What do you like doing on a summer day?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for passing by Valeria! xx

      Assia |

  2. I love your post dear! Have a nice day:)

    1. Aw thank you so much lovely! You too, speak soon :)

      Assia |

  3. Great post, I am definitely going to explore some new places this summer and hopefully do lots of reading! x

    Bethan Likes

    1. Thank you! Those are my favourite things to do in summer too :)

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