6 July 2015

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks - Book Review

I've been curious to read Nicholas Sparks for a long time -I hought that it would be a perfect summer read as he's meant to be one of the best at writing light romance.

So I went ahead and started with The Wedding. I'm sure that other books like The Notebook and Message in a Bottle are nicer books; this one's plot didn't appeal to me particularly, but I still gave it a try.
The Wedding is about the dull phase that Wilson and Jane Lewis, an adult couple with three sons, are going through. One day, Wilson forgets the couple's anniversary, hurting his wife's feelings. The episode makes him realise how deeply he still loves her and decides to find new ways to restore their relationship with the help of Noah, Jane's father. Meanwhile, the family are busy organising their daughter Anna's wedding at Noah's house, the place where Jane spent her childhood and which holds lots of memories.

As I said, this book is definitely a good summer read; it doesn't demand much concentration as it's very easy to follow. I didn't particularly enjoy the story, perhaps because I'm not in the right age group. As a young person I'd rather read about young people's love stories. But I always try and learn something from books, and from this one I learnt a lot about love relationships. Sparks's message is to always show your affection to the people you love, especially in a wedding, a status where people tend to become keen on their routine and forget about worshipping love daily. I found Wilson's attempt to show all his love for Jane very sweet. At the same time it sounded slightly pathetic - I doubt that middle-aged men think that sweetly all the time. I may sound a bit sceptical, but all men in their fifties I witnessed weren't that into their relationship - rather, work and football, which happens to be Wilson's initial state of mind.

As for the style, I found it a bit cringy and too romantic. I am quite a romantic but not a huge one, so I can't say I loved Sparks's continuous excessive enthusiasm and loving sight on the world. This was perhaps reinforced by the super traditional family structure whose happy appearance I don't massively like - religious, hetero, wealthy, with many children and no problems whatsoever (which obviously doesn't reflect what real life is like).

The Wedding is a book you may want to read if you're trying to work on your relationship or if you're looking a real light read for summer. Hope you enjoyed my review :)

My edition: Sparks, Nicholas, 2003. Come la prima volta. Frassinelli. Original title: The Wedding. This is the Italian hard cover edition. I found it very handy and easy to read (medium font). Lovely cover.


  1. I read The Wedding on a plane and I really liked it! But I do love mushy romantic books and movies so I didn't mind :)

  2. I love romantic movies too! For some reason I prefer those to books, I think it must be hard to write a love story without sounding cheesy. :)

  3. True. I guess I'm just used to Nicholas Sparks' way of writing. I just watched The Best of Me on Netflix lol

  4. Nicholas Sparks is such a famous contemporary romance author but I haven't read his books before. I guess it it's because I've seen a lot of the movie adaptations and wasn't a fan of them (the famous The Notebook was too cheesy and predictable for me). I do own a copy of Safe Haven (the only Sparks movie I enjoyed so far) and tried reading it but couldn't get through with it. I'll probably give it a try another time. But I have to admit I think they are nice summer reads as you mentioned. :)

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