27 August 2015

A Glance of Calabria, Italy

Straight after my trip to Capraia (check out more about it here), I travelled to the South of Italy for the first time. The furthest I'd been was Rome, which isn't even proper South, as it's in between the Centre and the South.
We (obviously) flew with Ryanair from Pisa to Lamezia Terme, a one hour ten minutes-flight which was punctual as we could tell from the slightly pathetic sound of bells that Ryanair rings when the plane doesn't delay (hence, not often).

The first impression of the Calabrese landscape was definitely a positive one: I had imagined a dry landscape with dry, yellow fields (who knows where I got that image from?) while it looked green and rich with different kinds of trees and plantations. I was excited to get to see more of that beautiful land!

We got to the place where we were staying, Copanello, a small town which is part of Stalettì and that overlooks the sea. We arrived at sunset and could witness the beautiful show from the balcony of our friend's house. 
Next day we immediately hit the beach! We reached it by just climbing down the stairs from the town to the rocks. The view was magical from the top, and even as we sat down at the small beach I quickly fell in love with it. We had lunch on a café with a beautiful terrace that overlooked the sea and let us feel the marine breeze.

I sat down on the rocks to be quiet for a bit as the beach was very small and slightly crowded and read my book, Little Bits of Karma which I really enjoyed (read my review here).
On the first night, we went for a walk after dinner to a town nearby called Soverato. We walked on the promenade along the beach and stopped by the stalls along the way, which sold candy, books, and local crafts.

Next day we went back to the beach and had lunch at the same place. It was so beautiful we couldn't even be bothered with going to visit other towns (besides it was too hot). At night we went to a very modern-looking restaurant and I had spaghetti cozze e vongole (=spaghetti with seafood) and fresh fruit.

On my last day we went to Stalettì which was on top of a hill and had to reach it by car, which was fun. 

The town was nothing special to be honest - very traditional, with many churches and a main square with a cafè. However, we did something that turned out to be the best thing of the holiday: we ate granita! (=slush) Oh man. Slush in Tuscany is basically ice with syrup (like in most of the world). But in Calabria, and I guess the whole South, as the best one is in Sicily, it's delicious. It's soft, creamy and tasty! I got coffee and hazelnut with cream on top and a warm bun to the side. It was SO good! If you go there you have to try it. And you don't need to go to a fancy place, the town's main bar is enough.

On the last day we went to a different beach, Spiaggia di Squillace, which was incredibly beautiful however more crowded than the previous one. The sand here was more rocky and it was harder to walk in the water, so we had to wear shoes to get in the water. We then took some pictures and just enjoyed the last moments on the beach. 

This wasn't a very active holiday on the whole - I enjoyed sunbathing, reading and relaxing and it was enough. I would like to go back somewhere else in the South - visiting Sicily, Puglia and Calabria a bit more.

How to get to Calabria:
- if you're in Italy, you can travel by car, by train (travel to Naples then switch train. Book your ticket here or at the railway station), or by plane (Ryanair travels to Lamezia Terme, but there are other 3 airports you can reach); I'm not sure about the bus options.


  1. Wow, great photos, it sounds like you had a lovely time and plenty of rest and relaxation in the sun. I wouldn't mind some of that! :)

    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed it. You should treat yourself too! :)

      Assia |

  2. All beautiful, but the color gradient in the first picture, with the tiny boat, wins.