16 August 2015

Carolina Moon by Nora Roberts - Book Review

Carolina Moon by Nora Roberts didn't particularly struck me, but I'm still going to write a review on it. As I was reading Black Hills and loved it, I was told that Nora Roberts's work wasn't great, but couldn't really understand why.
The thing is...I got the feeling that I was reading the same book over and over again. My suggestion is to read her books by maintaining some distance in between them. 

Carolina Moon is a half a thriller half a romance book. Set in Progress, North Carolina, the story begins with a flashback where Tory, the protagonist, tells what happened the night when her best friend Hope, still a child, was killed. From this extract we understand that Tory is a sort of medium who can perceive other people's feelings, know what will happen in the nearby future and have emotional flashbacks. Years after she managed to become independent from her violent father and uncaring mother, she decides to leave New York, where she lived for some years, and go back to Progress to set up a shop. Her return is now the main gossip in town, which she tries to get away from. On the other hand, she cannot escape Cade Lavelle, Hope's brother, to whom she falls in love with, as well as Faith, Hope's twin, who brings her back to her childhood. She can now sense that Hope's killer is coming back to murder other girls and feels the need to intervene. 

The story's definitely a good one. I enjoyed following the twists of the story, however found it slightly repetitive. The bits where Tory gets flashbacks and plunges into other people's body were my favourite ones as they were very catchy. 

Most characters aren't depicted too well, but Tory makes an exception. She's an independent woman who struggles to open herself to others but who is willing to help others thanks to her big heart, even if she hides it behind her cold and strong appearance.

I can't say much about the style to be honest. I was given the Italian version which had an awful translation - honestly, I could spot the false friends from English to Italian that were translated in the wrong way! The style in English would have probably been a lot more enjoyable. 
I would suggest reading this book in summer; it's definitely a good read if you don't want to get too involved in an intense book. 

My edition (Italian): Nora Roberts, 2000. Quella calda estate. Milan: Oscar Mondadori. Pages: 430.

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