22 August 2015

My Super Treks around Capraia

Yesterday I went on a super trek! From what I remember it was the first big trek of my life, even if I regularly hike around my place in the countryside, but then roads are paved there and not too steep.

We hadn't even planned to do it. We decided to walk from the town to Cala del Ceppo (=Bay of the Log) only a couple of hours before starting. I wore some comfy clothes and my trainers, brought my camera, some water plus other stuff in my backpack and left.

The beginning was easy and I knew the road: I wasn't scared. To be honest I wasn't worried overall as I had plenty of time, nothing to worry about and the weather was good. It had been raining all morning and it was still quite cool, even if it stayed sunny until 5pm. We left at 3pm from the main town and went south. In the first half hour the road was ok. Then as we kept going up (it started to become steep), the rocky road became wilder and harder to walk on.
Around 4 it was definitely hard. There wasn't a road anymore - just pure stones.
As I walked, I felt more and more content with myself: man, I was climbing a mountain! Every time I looked up and I saw that the mountains from a different perspective I realised I had walked a bit more. This went on until I got close to the bay: I needed one last push. It was the hardest bit. Not because of the motivation; I knew I only needed a few more steps to get into the water.
Finally, we saw the water. What an amazing view. Finally we were there, after two hours of hard trek and it was done! We'd reached our purpose and felt so content. But it wasn't all about that moment: I enjoyed the journey even more than the destination, to keep in line with the cliché.

We stopped for a while and relaxed. We had deserved it!

Going back was easier. We knew the track and it seemed like it took less time. It was still hard but not as much. We stopped a few times to eat berries which were all over the place!

The best bit was getting home and realising nothing was hurting! I felt my ankles and feet were very tired, but nothing bad as what I experienced in my ballet days.

I went on another trek next day. The first one was the coolest one as it was the discovery of a new experience, but both of them brought different landscapes and wild roads. 


  1. Such lovely photos! Walking is definitely the best place to see an area.

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink

    1. Thank you! I agree, besides I think that walking is good for your body and soul <3

      Assia |

  2. What a beautiful place! I love walking and would definitely love to explore there. Another for the bucket list. Thanks for sharing your experience :-)

    Stephanie Jane

    1. Oh, this is definitely a good place for walks Stephanie! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and that Capraia is on your travel list :D

      Assia |