11 September 2015

Keeping a Gratefulness Journal and How to Start One

Gratitude is one of the main values I try and nurture daily in my life. It wasn't until two years ago that I came across this magical word and realised that I wanted this concept to be vital to me. By gratitude I mean being thankful, showing appreciation and returning kindness.
My first experience of keeping a Gratitude Journal started around two years ago. Being a viewer of Mimi and Alex Ikonn's videos on YouTube, I purchased the app 5 Minute Journal on my phone and started writing three reasons for which I was grateful every day in the morning. At times I even reflected on my day in the evening, although that wasn't my favourite part. 

Later on, I got a bit tired of the digital option and preferred an actual journal on which I could hand-write. So, a few months ago, I treated myself to a diary and started keeping a personalised gratitude journal. And I promise, it's one of the best things you can do for yourself to improve your life. It might feel great to me because I love writing. I don't know if everyone would enjoy doing this, but I think it's definitely worth a try.

To write in my gratefulness journal I have no specific rules apart from following my mood and intuition. All I do is, any time I feel the need to let my thoughts out or just want to feel positive, I write down the reasons I am grateful for. It's such an empowering and beautiful experience every time and it leaves me energised and happier. I think that for as miserable one's life may feel or actually be, there will always be reasons one can be grateful for. Take your friends or family. Take a sunny day, a beautiful book or a walk in the wild. There are so many things that can brighten up your day, and reminding them to yourself can only do more good to you.

So, have I been convincing enough to wonder how to do this? Here are some tips on how to start a gratefulness journal:

- Buy a diary / journal that looks pretty, with beautiful colours and positive writings on it. Mine is pink and purple with flowers and says 'It's time to be happy' on the front, which is definitely a positive and nice sentence. I say buy it because the actual act of getting something new for yourself will surely cheer you up and make you think of a fresh new start J

- Write on it whenever you want. The best would be to do it regularly, on a daily basis. If you're a morning person like me you might want to write on it as soon as you get up; if you're not, you might want to do it before bed time.

- Even if you're feeling down, try and write as many positive things as you can think of. This will make you focus on your positive feelings and will bring them out, instead of the negativity you're experiencing.

- Have fun with it! Sometimes I draw on my journal or make lists to use my creativity. You can write about your dreams, ambitions, anything that makes you feel good!

I think that a gratefulness journal can improve your well being, but if you're not sure it's worth trying anyway! I hope you enjoyed the post, let me know your thoughts on this. 


  1. I seriously love this idea because I've thought of doing the same thing many times! When I was a kid, I used to have diaries and write all my "secrets" ahah but the older I'm getting, the more I value the importance of gratitude. Remembering and recording them in a journal is a great idea!
    Hope you're having a Happy Friday! :)

    -Lor @

    1. You definitely should! Me too, I used to write in diaries about things I did during the day as I felt the need to do it. From a spontaneous activity I decided to make it a more focused one to help myself stay positive. Let me know if you have started one :)

      Assia |