13 September 2015

Top 5 Pavilions at Expo Milano 2015

After having written a long post about my trip to Expo Milano, I thought it would be nice to just narrow the topic down to a shorter post with the best pavilions of this fantastic event.

My main tip is if you don't have much time to visit Expo, like a short day, start by one of the most popular pavilions. You'll have more energy and will be ok queuing, but by the end of the visit you'll feel exhausted and not in the mood for it.
So these are the top 5 pavilions I suggest visiting not in order of importance but how I would recommend visiting them.

1 - Germany
The Germany pavilion is, in my opinion, the one that gave the best response to the topic of the exposition (Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life). The passages that illustrate Germany's suggestions are almost academic and require attention - hence energy and goodwill, which you will have at the beginning of the tour and then lose slowly.

As for the terrace, which was my favourite along with the U.S. one, you can always go back at sunset, a perfect hour to chill for a break.

2 - UAE
The UAE pavilion was my second favourite. It reflects perfectly the luxuries of the country and its great ideas. The track you'll have to follow will be easier than the Germany pavilion, but make sure you it's one of your first visits as the queue will be super long. The visit includes a short film in a 360 degrees cinema with special effects and a hologram that you cannot miss!

3 - Nepal
Nepal pavilion is magical. It's basically a temple (which was carved by hand!!) surrounded by a pool and containing statues of Buddhas. There is an atmosphere of calm that people seems to love while there, so it's definitely a good place to sit down in and take a break from the long walks.

4- Austria
Entering the Austrian pavilion feels just like being in nature. It's made of trees and vapor taps that reproduce a very humid, rainforest sensation. The queue isn't probably worth it as that's all there is to see in it - I just enjoyed it because of its originality. 

5 - South Korea
South Korea is a very impressive pavilion, although not my favourite one. I left it last on this list because the queue went by amazingly quickly; plus it doesn't require much attention as the main show is a technological and visual one. I don't know much about South Korea, but this pavilion definitely made me feel like going to visit the country. 

And don't forget to go and see the Tree of Life show at 10 pm. It's impressive!
I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what pavilions you've been to and enjoyed in Expo Milano! 

To see the official website of Expo Milano 2015 click here 
To read the post on my entire visit click here


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