20 October 2015

5 Fun and Easy Halloween Party Ideas

Since my childhood, I have always been very drawn to Halloween and its fun celebrations. My mother used bring me to a children's party where everyone dressed up in scary costumes and we were given the best of candy - tasty and bright cupcakes, candy corn, chocolate, and sweets of all types. I loved it. As I grew up, I realised that people were more into 'classic' clubbing, but I still dream of going to or organising a cool, thrilling, scary Halloween party with costumes and treats and all that jazz. 

So, are you one of those cool people who have decided to organise a massive Halloween party this year? I've got some easy but effective ideas for you…

1 - Decorate your party setting with loads of fun, Halloweeny objects

Switch off the lights - make sure the party setting is quite dark to recreate a creepy, Halloween atmosphere.

It is needless to say so, but I will - carve some pumpkins. Even if they are small, you can't throw a pumpkin-free Halloween party because they are a must! So carve them in the weirdest ways (some ideas could be: a witch flying on a broomstick, a classic angry pumpkin face, a cat, a ghost) and place them around, lighting a small candle inside. Make sure that they are in a safe place to avoid any accident!

Get some fake spider webs and put them on the table where you'll be serving food, on the floor and on the ceiling. If you can't find them in the shops, buy cotton wools and stretch them - they don't have to be perfect webs!

Add a funny touch to it - get some fake spiders, disgusting fingers, skulls and so on. Guests will find them in the most random places and jump at the sight of them, which will be naughty but fun!

You can usually find these decorations in supermarkets or pound shops or create them.

2 - Prepare some creepy-looking food and drinks

Make a red-looking drink - it should remind you of blood, as bad as that may sound. You can buy a ready Sangria or make one, or just make a fruity, non-alcoholic drink with red oranges or berries. 
Carve some peppers as if they were pumpkins and stuff them with vegetables. Put them all on a tray so they look like a lot of pumpkins in a field (couldn't get more childish than this).

Make a pizza and try and shape the mozzarella on it to make it look like little ghosts. You can add olives to create the ghosts' eyes.

Make red velvet cupcakes or simple vanilla cupcakes and add an orange icing and chocolate bits to create a smile on the pumpkin face.

Bake some biscuits and decorate them with white or orange icing (again, for ghosts and pumpkins).
I am not a professional cook so I can't provide any detailed recipe, but surely you can find those on other amazing food blogs.

3 - Create your own Halloween photo booth

Provide a few Halloween items to wear, such as a witch hat, a scary mask, a pirate hat, and so on. Find a corner where you can take nice pictures and decorate it so that the picture will look creepy and fun. Snap some selfies or use a professional camera; having a Polaroid would be even better to have the pictures printed on spot.

4 - Make a Costume Contest

Tell your guests to dress up with some crazy constumes and bloody, horrific make up. Halfway through the party ask who wants to be part of the Costume Constest and let them show their costumes (maybe through an improvised catwalk!). Give everyone a piece of paper and let them write down the name of the best costume of the contest anonymously. Let everyone put their paper in a bag. Count the names and announce the winner! You can also give them a prize, like a bag of sweets. 

5 - Gather around some lighted candles in the dark and tell each other horror stories

Before your guests leave, or when everyone at the party is tired and you're taking a break from dancing, chatting, etc. you can sit all together and tell each other some horror stories. This will give your party creepy conclusion in line with the Halloween spirit, and it will be fun because what's more fun than trying to scare your friends? (in a good way :))

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Let me know what are your Halloween party ideas and what costume you are going for this year :)


  1. Love, love, love this list!! I think the Halloween photo-booth is such a great idea! (sort of like you see at weddings?) There's nothing I love more than planning a themed-party for friends, with decorations, drinks and food: the works :)

    ~Lor @

    1. Thanks Lor! Do you already know what you're going to do for Halloween this year? :D

      Assia |

  2. Love these halloween ideas Assia! Especially the Photo Booth one, it sounds amazing! Halloween is one of my favourite holidays :D

    1. Thanks Harriet! The photo booth is being the most successful idea so far... I didn't expect it but I'm glad you liked it :D

      Assia |

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