19 November 2015

Autumn Bookish Photoshoot

Last week my friend Emmi and I went to Jardines del Real or Jardines de Viveros in Valencia to take some pictures. Our aim was taking some cool autumn pictures, however in Valencia it still feels like summertime so they don't have the typical colours of fall like orange, red or brown; however, Emmi and I were definitely in an autumnal mood so hopefully that's enough :)
Here are some pictures of the park, me reading and my favourite book at the moment.

I hope you liked this post! Please make sure you check out my friend's amazing Flickr profile (she is a great photographer!) by clicking here and go follow her if you have a Flickr account! Have a nice day :)


  1. Wow, amazing photos Assia!! This reminds me of a little dog park we have here in Toronto (Trinity Bellwoods). I kinda wish it still looked this nice... but we are expecting snow very soon!

    ~Lor @

    1. Snow?! That is SO exciting! Trinity Bellwoods looks very nice from the pictures :) however, I prefer your fall pictures of orangy-browny trees and fallen leaves. One of my dreams is to come and visit some of those forests in North America!

      Assia xxx