29 December 2015

A Letter to my Blog: Best Blogging Moments of 2015

Dear Blog,

This year together has been crazy! Since March 2015 when you were born in a land called Wordpress until today, I have nourished your baby posts with love and hard work. I have started slowly and gradually changed your look, and I hope to make more positive changes next year. We make a really good team together and are supported daily by the nice people who read you. You're still not even one year old, but your journey to today has been very meaningful to me. Now, I would like to share some of the best blogging moments we spent together in 2015.\
This is actually Sot de Chera, but it'll do for Spain :)
I hope you enjoyed this year with me and that you're looking forward to 2016! And same goes to the readers :)

Love, Assia xx


  1. Hey, you're not supposed to smile like that in your yoga picture! But it's OK since you read such good books, especially when you're in Barcelona :)