11 December 2015

Erasmus North Trip - A Green Hostal, San Sebastián and Eating Pintxos

After spending the first day of our Erasmus trip in Pamplona, we travelled to San Sebastián where we would spend the first night. Unlike what I had imagined (a typical city hostal), we ended up in a hostal in the middle of nature called Green Nest, which is just what it was.

While most of my travel-mates were complaining about being far away from the city centre, I really liked the idea of getting a quiet night sleep as opposed to the usual noisy ones in Valencia (living over tapas bars is safe for coming back home, but a bit annoying when you can't fall asleep). I was also very excited at the perspective of having a real hostal experience which I still hadn't had (I know what you're thinking - what kind of traveller are you?). Luckily I ended up with a bunch of very nice girls in a fairly big room with its own bathroom which made things easier.
The area surrounding the hostal...
... and our morning view from the balcony!

Our bus then drove us to the centre of San Sebastián. My first impressions were very positive: when I first saw the sea and the promenade along it I was jumping like a child, because I love the sea! Even if we have it in Valencia, views of the beach always make me happy. This one was absolutely fantastic.

The Bay of Biscay

We then walked to city centre that offered lots of small streets and bars, which we couldn't wait to hit for some amazing tapas. But before that, we had a brief guided tour of the city: we learnt that the one below used to be a fundamental square for summers in San Sebastián, as people would gather there and go gambling in this building, the ex casino. An alternative hobby would have been bathing in the sea, but because doing it three times a year was considered more than enough, I guess you would be done with summer fun pretty soon, as discos or the internet weren't really a thing.
The ex Casino and current City council 
Near the Casino square we found a group of people demostrating for political reasons. Like in Pamplona, I was surprised at how much people of this region fight for independence and for maintaining the Basque language and culture.

The view from the square was breathtaking! The little black dots in the water are brave surfers who made the most of the Bay's waves. 

That little island on the left is called Santa Clara. The guide told us that only a man lives there to switch on and off the lights, even though I'm afraid it was a joke!

My friend told me these pictures were quite spontaneous and fun so I thought I would add them as well :) It was so windy which made it impossible to keep your hair tidy but that also made taking pictures more fun!

We then decided to climb up to Mont Urgull, a mountain from which you can see the whole city. It wasn't easy to get to the top, but after having developed a passion for hiking and challenges this summer, I was totally ok with getting a bit tired. 

 Aren't these views amazing? I came up with this typical wanderlust picture, then my friends spent ages taking it again and again :) My friend Monika took this picture of me with her giant camera, so credits of this one go to her!
After climbing down we went for a lunch of pinchos, which looked something like this:

After lunch our walks continued until we had to get back to our bus and move to Bilbao, which I will be blogging about in the next days!

I am so glad to have travelled to San Sebastián. It's a beautiful town and it was my favourite part of the trip. I really hope that one day I will be back with my family. My only advice on this magical place is, if you're wondering if you should go, the answer is definitely yes! 


  1. You always take the most beautiful pictures! I love that red plaid scarf! Really suits you :) Absolutely gorgeous views!!
    ~Lor @

    1. Aww thanks Lor! I will keep the blog updated with new travel photos soon ;) xx

  2. I loved San Sebastian too! I visited it 8 years ago, during summer time, and it was wonderful. I hope to revisit it some day!

    1. I know right?! It's such a beautiful place to be in and it has very vibrant atsmosphere as well :)