20 January 2016

6 Tricks to Stay Away from Technology

Today, most us are realising how damaging our dependence on technology can be, and, luckily, such awareness is spreading a bit more every single day. In a world that goes so fast, we can't help but use all the resources we can to make things easier. Besides, let's face it, we all enjoy scrolling feeds of our social media from once in a while (or, in worse cases, hundreds of times in a day).
Thank god, we are going through a wake up call to stop this! And I am too. Which is why I have decided to share some tricks that can help you stay away from your phone, tablet and any other form of technology, and love real life!

0 - Get in technology-free habits 
In order to make sure you stay away from technology regularly, make sure you spend some moments in your routine when you're not using your phone. This is rule zero because it's the main idea behind all the points below!

1 - Go grocery shopping without your phone
I used to bring my phone with me while grocery shopping to check what I had to buy and to text on the way. Now I make a little handwritten note and bring it with me, making sure I look up while walking to the supermarket instead of down at my screen. These would be 10 to 30 minutes of your day off the screens.

2 - Go for walks without your phone
I don't always do this, but sometimes I like to go for short walks around my flat in Valencia (when I'm back home I'll go for long walks in the countryside, love those!) and leave my phone at home. Doing simple things like breathing, observing things and reflecting will let your mind take a break from it all.

3 - When you phone battery dies, don't charge it
I know many of you might not like this tip, but this is something I tend to do. You know when your phone dies of battery at home and you think, 'thank god I'm home, I can charge it!', seize the moment! This is a perfect time to leave it like that for a while. Why's that? Because I know that when my phone starts charging (all iPhones), I will start re-using it. Instead, let the phone take a break from its hard work too!

4 - Put airplane mode on
The airplane mode is our saviour here. While you never really feel like switching the device off, airplane mode is a bit like a standby mode that works anytime. Forgotten something? Put it off and your phone will be ready in seconds. I use airplane mode at night (I have no other alarm clocks with me abroad, so have to use my phone) and sometimes when I'm with friends out. To be honest, I don't use it often during the day, but I'm trying to improve that.

5 - Set time limits
Sometimes I use my chronometer to try and stay off my phone as long as possible (for example, while studying at my desk) or set a time until when I shall not check it. I also set my alarm clock, especially at night, to stop the pointless scrolling. This doesn't always work, but it helps a bit :)

6 - Make the person you're with a priority to your phone
When you're spending time with a friend, a family member or whoever, try not to use your phone. First, it's not that polite. Second, you're meant to be enjoying that time with another human being! Third, you'll be able to do it once you're home, or whenever you're bored and by yourself.

In this post I mainly focused on phones, because it's what most of us find the hardest to be away from. Computers and tablets can also be very addictive, but I feel like you can just stop using them more easily. Technology can often lead us off track from what really matters, but we can simply shift our attention back to important things.

What are your tips to stay away from technology?


  1. I'm awful at staying away from technology to the point where I physically can't do it, so this was super helpful!

    1. I'm glad my post could be helpful Isabelle! Have a good, off-tech day wherever you are :)

  2. great tips! I think we all need a social media and phone break sometimes. x

  3. I really loved this post, Assia! I am always very conscious to take technology breaks. Unfortunately, my current job is a bit of an on-call one and I often need to have my phone handy after a certain time. But whenever I can, I LOVE the airplane mode option and often keep my phone at a distance when I'm with a friend, reading or just when I want some quiet time. It's extremely refreshing, and reading this post brought back that similar feeling. Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

    -Lor //

    1. I'm glad you liked it :) I know what you mean, my next job will be 9-5 in an office so don't really know how I will manage to take breaks. Yes, the airplane mode is always the best :D

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    1. Thank you for passing by, glad you liked them :)