6 January 2016

7 People Who Inspire Me Daily

The more creative projects I aim at every day, the more I realise how important inspiration is to keep it all up. I've grown to think that even a few people to look to for your life ambitions and projects can make a difference and be a key to success. Although I usually share who these people are only with my friends, I decided to get a bit more personal on the blog this time.
So, here are some people, both on and offline who I get inspired by for various reasons. Of course, none of them is perfect and one could find flaws if she wanted to. But there is so much goodness in them worth noticing!

Note: I haven't included people such as my parents (who are definitely an inspiration :) and other people close to me otherwise that would have got a bit too personal. Also, the people order is random, and the fact that there are just two men included only means that I highly admire strong women.

My Grandparents
My grandparents (aka nonno Renzo and nonna Carla in Italian - here they are on their wedding day in the picture rocking it) have been a daily inspiration and guidance since I was a baby, as alongside my parents, I was raised up by them. What I look to in them, and that I hope to be able to carry out in the future, are the values that they nurture in everyday life, including being patient, consistent, compassionate and putting love in all things.

My Best Friend
My best friend's called Claudia; we met at school around six years ago and we stayed very close until today. Besides her being my best friend, the reason why I admire her is because she studied so hard to get into Medicine at university and eventually she did, and because she works hard every day to achieve her lifetime dream: becoming a doctor! Although I'm not a scientisty person I find that very cool and inspiring. We took this picture in Bath after having spent a lovely day around the city <3

Mimi Ikonn
When I first found Mimi on YouTube, I was amazed at how good she was to style hair. However, this is not the main reason why I like her! I like Mimi because of her constant attempts at staying spiritual whilst living life in the city, at reading self-help books to improve her lifestyle, relationship and life vision, and for always striving to become a better person. In my opinion, her videos and pictures are visually some of the best on the Internet, and I always try and learn from those, especially what is on her blog.

Nicole Husel
Nicole is an Italian girl who used to live abroad and who studied languages... a profile pretty similar to mine! Her YouTube channel is about make up, fashion and lifestyle which isn't my niche, however I enjoy following her lifestyle vlogs. What I like about her is how positive she is and especially how open she was while she lived abroad, an attitude that I try and maintain while living away from home.

Sasha Alsberg
Sasha is younger than me and is featuring in my inspiration list! Well done girl! Sasha is passionate of books and has a YouTube channel called Abookutopia. The reason why I find her inspiring is her passion for books and how she can put what she read into a review, a beautiful caption of a picture and more. She is so enthusiastic and energetic, and definitely helps when I want to review a book on the blog.

Rachel Brathen
When my friend Emmi introduced me to the so called Yoga Girl, I wasn't intantly attracted to her. I began appreciating her messages with time, especially her value of being compassionate as opposed to many social media celebrities who, after complaining about their past problems, claim to now having a perfect life. Besides having sought for a positive way to manage social media, Rachel shows how humble and down to earth she is, and reminds us that life is both hard and beautiful. I also like her colourful pictures, her hippy style and her yoga pictures which remind me to unroll my mat and go practice.

Paulo Coelho
Paulo Coelho is an author of (mainly) spiritual novels. I still don't know his work very well as I've only read a bunch of his books. However, every time I read one of his those I felt very enriched, like I'd learnt so much from very simple words of wisdom (this is why I want to read more spiritual books). The reason why I would include him among my daily inspiring people is because I like to go back to read his quotes once in a while.

So I hope you enjoyed reading about who inspires me every day! I might keep you updated in a while and write about new insteresting people I found on the internet :)

Who are you inspired by and why?


  1. Such a nice list! And how much I miss coming by to check out your blog! (my blog export is almost done, so I hope to be back in the blogging world in full force soon!)
    When I first decided to blog, Amanda from was the one who inspired me to blog. We both lived in the same town at one point, and so I found her blog very relatable but also, a very inviting and pleasant place to be. Much like yours :)

  2. Aww you're always welcome on my blog! I can't wait to see yours, did you switch to Blogger as well? That's very cool, Amanda's blog looks very pretty! I didn't mention bloggers because I thought I would do a separate list, so expect that soon! :) xx