27 January 2016

Monthly Favourites: January 2016

After writing my December favourites, I couldn't wait for the next month. I got a pretty standard feedback, but personally loved writing about what I enjoyed listening to, reading and so on throughout the month. I'm happy to say that this month has been great, a very good start to the new year (I still have five days to go, fingers crossed!).

After spending a lot of quality time with my family (I spent a month at home!), I came back to Valencia for my first term exams. As usual, in the first couple of days I was very homesick, but got back on track thanks to my girlfriends who supported me. We went on a day trip to two places in the region near Valencia and had an amazing time (you can read about it here). In the mean time, I've been revising a bit and reading my Paulo Coelho book, The Witch of Portobello which I am loving.
There have been so many things I've watched, read and listened to I want to share with you, so I'll try and remember them all!
- Quote
The first sentence of a book is like the first glance between two people who do not know each other.
Nicolas Barreau
Is this too cheesy for you? I love first sentences in books, plus the image of two strangers seeing each other for the first time is quite cool. 

- Travel Blog 
There are quite a few travel blogs that I am currently following. My Australian blogmate Adelaide has a beautiful blog called A Worldly Addiction with amazing wanderlust pictures of the ocean (and more). She's just been to Melbourne and blogged about it and it looks like a stunning place to be in! Another blog I have recently found is Sunsets & Bubbles; it has beautiful pictures and I love the layout and content.

-Lifestyle Blog
Who to recommend if not my blog mate Lor from A Cozy Space? Lor and I have been following each other since the old days, haha. Her blog is literally the cosiest place on earth, or rather, on the Internet: she shares stories of her weekends in urban and rural Canada with her family, friends and cat. My favourite posts are the ones when she tells about her time at home enjoying a cup of coffee and blogging with her cat around :) I also really like Life at Cloverhill's layout and idea (blogging about life at a farmhouse, family and yummy food recipes), a blog that was actually recommended to me by Lor!

- Read
As you may have noticed, I have been reading Cameron Díaz and Sandra Bark's The Body Book, which I recently reviewed. I had no idea how helpful and inspirational this book would have turned out to be. You might have prejudices like I did at first, like 'why would a celebrity write a health book? doesn't she have a personal trainer and her own dietist?'. To be honest, I don't really care how much Díaz or Bark have written of this book. I am grateful to whoever wrote it, edited it and published it because it's helped me determine myself to do yoga every single day and cook every single meal of the day. I am far from being the person who cooks all day long; but I'm starting to love it, because it makes me feel good. Last Sunday I made banana bread not because I was with a friend, but because I felt like it! I am also doing yoga every morning, taking the stairs instead of the lift, and walking a lot more than I used to. All thanks to this magical health manual!

- Film
While I was home I came across a fantastic series of films (currently waiting for the third episode!) called Ruby Red, or in German Rubinrot. This fantasy series is about a girl called Gwendolyn who finds out she has a gene that allows her to travel back in time, and hence has to join a lodgia to help carry out a mission. She'll do that with Gideon, a very handsome guy of her age.
I didn't write a review of these two films as I'm currently only writing reviews of films that have just come out (that might change in the future *UPDATE 2016* not writing film reviews anymore). I just know that I watched it many times in a row (and I never do this!) but it was just so good! It's also a good practice if you're learning German like me.

- Evening Guided Meditation
In the last month I have been enjoying meditation before bed more often than usual. Last week I gave this track a try and managed to follow it very seriously. It made me open so much to gratefulness and loving kindness that it made me cry. I suggest you try it too if you are stressed during exams, work or personal reasons.
What were your favourites this month? 


  1. I'm so honoured to be a part of your Monthly Favourites, Assia! I check back at your blog pretty much every day because I love your posts, photographs, and overall, "vibe." :)
    I'm also so happy to hear you've been enjoying Life at Cloverhill! Definitely another favourite of mine.
    Thank you again for the kind words and lovely nod! xx

    -Lor //

    1. Thanks Lor, I'm happy we can read each other's blogs and comment. I like the positive vibe of your one too :) <3