3 February 2016

Being Me by Adele Vialli by Pete Kalu - Book Review

After having read and reviewed The Silent Striker by Pete Kalu, I was kindly sent the sequel of the book by the same publishing industry, Hope Road London in exchange for an honest review.

The story of Being Adele is basically an extract from the everyday life of Adele, a girl living in today's England who has a dream: becoming a football champion.
Sadly, Adele has some familiar issues, including an alcoholic mum and a 24 hour-business dad who is cheating on her wife. However, she has a nice boyfriend, Marcus, who is also a great footballer and with whom she is building a relationship typical of two teenagers who are still growing up; besides, her best friend Michaela is (eventually) always there for her.

Even though the story itself wasn't anything special or mind-blowing, I enjoyed reading about Adele's life and passions. Her story is one of many other girls and teenagers who go through insecurities, anger, happiness, fear and such type of feelings on a daily basis. I'm not a football fan, but what mattered was the idea that Adele had a passion and could get away from her problems at home and find relief and happiness in a sport and interest. The part I enjoyed the most was the development of the relationship mother-daughter as the problem isn't addressed enough in books: parents are usually represented as perfect, ethically and socially 'correct' and having a positive connection with their sons or daughters, even though in reality that isn't always the case.

While in most book series the story and writing gets worse, I noticed a big improvement in the way the book was written and the structure of the story. The attention put in the use of language is impressive, considering the great amount of language varieties used, from the bad Italian typical of people who enjoy claiming their Italian origin (or it would be better to call it ancient ancestry), to the texts between teenagers and the use of over-the-top language by the school headmistress. I also liked the frequent use of 'she' as opposed to 'he' in example, a great way of addressing the topic of gender equality in language.

Gender equality is also developed through the character of Adele, who covers the same role that Marcus did in the previous book, but through a female lens. She is a girl footballer, an image not often displayed on television or newspapers as opposed to the male teams who are advertised to both the big and small public since a young age. She is also a smart girl who can take care of herself and her mother, a task she shouldn't even be involved in at her young age.

I recommend this book to people of all ages and genders, but perhaps aspiring footballers or amateurs would like it even more :)

My edition: Pete Kalu, 2015. Being Me by Adele Vialli. London: HopeRoad (228 pages). I really like the cover of this book and it contains my name among the reviews of the second book of the series, which made me so happy!


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