12 March 2016

6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend

Who hasn't looked forward to the weekend since Thursday, then got to Friday and plans didn't work out the way they should have? You got too tired to be able to go to that party, gym class or art visit. You didn't have the right dress - you forgot to make the most of the sales, your friend borrowed it from you or you simply had no clue on what to wear. You even forgot to buy drinks and when you realised it the corner shop downstairs was already shut. We all know this kind of stories, especially if you work a lot during the week and don't have much time to prepare for your weekend and all you can do is wish it to arrive soon!
Well. I have gathered my weekend-lover knowledge and experience and made a few points to help you have a great weekend - even though the best bits are always the unplanned ones!

1 - Notice the things you are missing during the week
You know that little voice that creeps up in your mind while you're working and tells you how nice it would be to be able to be able to go to yoga, sit down to read your book, bake a cake and so on? Try and listen to that little voice, cause that's what weekends are for! Personally, I miss reading, blogging and being able to go out during the day, even just for a cup of tea. I like to make a mental note of what I miss doing during the week so I can take advantage of the free time I have during the weekend and let my wish list turn into reality.

2 - Plan ahead of time
Planning can be stressful, and I get that: it's not for everyone and if you'd rather just enjoy your weekend playing it by year I totally get it. However, I find that having a general idea of what I am going to do can help enjoy myself a little bit more. If you know me, you'll know that I am basically a life planner. This weekend I planned to go out on Friday, walk around Barcelona on Saturday and Sunday, eat churros and buy new shoes. Plus I'm planning to save the cultural stuff to when my best friend is coming to visit. But before saying this is too much, see point 4. 

Getting the material you need for the weekend before Friday is also good idea. Like RedBull to stay awake on a night out, the clothes you're going to want to wear, your grocery shopping, tickets for a show. I know it might be annoying to do that during the week, but trust me, you'll be so happy once you can chill on your sofa after a night out without having to drag yourself out of the house in your pijamas (and people staring at you like wtf?). 

3 - Know what your priorities are
Because every weekend we get so many Facebook invitations, different groups of friends doing various things at the same time, it can get quite confusing to know what to do. Right now in Barcelona where I am I get so many emails, friends and colleagues asking me to join them on different activities.. I find that the best way to deal with it is *selfishly* deciding what I like to do the most, which means skipping lots of fun stuff too, but hey. We got another weekend coming up soon and we could catch up then!

4 - Improvise
Ok, point 2 and planning are fine, but real life isn't made by planned moments! Last night I went to a bar and ended up spontaneously salsa dancing which I missed immensely from my days in Valencia. It was so much fun to just go for it without knowing it would have changed the direction of the night out.

5 - Take power naps
The weekend is most likely to be the time when our body relaxes after the long week of work... and get a bit sick from the tiredness. This is why taking short naps or just dozing in bed can help you feel better and stronger.

6 - Stay hydrated
Actually, this tip should be an everyday kind of tip. I read on an article that drinking different types of water (lemon water, coconut water, tea, etc.) can help boost your energy, and I think that that is really true! So before you hit the bar and get dehydrated make sure you drink plenty of water at home and you'll be in a better shape later on.

I hope you liked my tips for aving a great weekend! What are your tips to stay healthy and have fun at the weekend?

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  1. I love this!!! It's something I've definitely been trying to do a lot more! Especially with uni and work all week, I really need to make the most of my weekends. I think it's a good point you make about priorities. I'll always make sure I get my homework done before I go to the beach. That way I can enjoy my 'me' time so much more! And especially love the last point! I definitely don't drink enough water. Thanks for the inspiration as always!

    1. I'm happy you liked the post Adelaide! I thought about mentioning doing homework first in order to have fun and relax later.. But eventually I didn't because I thought that readers wouldn't like to see the word homework in a weekend post hahah! :P Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I love the idea of power naps and planning for the rest of the upcoming week! My work weeks are always so hectic that I love taking the weekend to rejuvenate and have time to myself. I catch up on some exercise, reading, and maybe see a friend! My Sunday evenings are especially precious so I do my absolute best to get everything ready for Monday morning and catch up on some late Sunday shows :)

    -Lor //

    1. Uhh, late Sunday shows sound sooo good! I love watching a good series or a movie on a Sunday night eating pizza, especially with my mum when I'm back home. I love reading about your cosy weekends! :)