27 March 2016

Monthly Favourites: March 2016

March has been both a beautiful and a sad month for me. Lots of great things happened - I finally feel settled in Barcelona with my job and home environment and my best friend from home has come to visit me. Sadly, for those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know that loss also happened which made things very difficult for the last part of the month. I am now home and feeling better, but I am aware that my feelings aren't important at all in comparison to the fact that the past can't be changed. It's important to stay positive though and remember to make hope, gratefulness and many other good feelings our priority as opposed to fear and negativity. :)
- Crystals
I started getting interested in crystals a few months ago but didn't have the chance to get hold of them until recently. Apparently crystals have some positive energy properties that can be felt through meditation and I would love to explore the topic. Here is my little collection at the moment that I would love to enlarge :)

The purple crystal is called Amethyst which means 'intoxicated' in Greek. Its meaning is that of spiritual growth and protection. It's also known for bringing clarity of the mind to the owner. The pink crystal is called Pink Quartz and it's considered the stone of the heart, holder of a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing. 
- Blog
In the past month I've been following Coming Up Roses, a lovely lifestyle and fashion blog run by Erica Ligenza, a girl from Philadelphia, U.S., who gets very personal and genuine in her posts. I love her motivational posts and her lists posts that feel like a virtual chat to an old friend. 

- Tea Brand
I've recently been sent lots of different tea blends by Victor from Ette Tea in exchange for some advertisements on my social media. I am in love with these tea blends! As soon as I unboxed the tea I realised how much care was put into the packaging and the blend itself to find the right combination. I will be doing a more specific blog post about it soon :)

What were your favourites this month?

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