10 April 2016

Tasting Ette Tea

On this sunny, warm Saturday in Barcelona, my housemate and I decided to hit the beach and take some snaps. I brought my Ette Tea blends and portrayed them in this beautiful sea background for my collaboration with this tea company who were so kind as to send it all the way from Singapore.
From trying the different tea blends over a period of time I realised that a lot of care is put into Ette Tea's products. The blends are all made of loose leaves (no tea bags) which makes the brewing process a lot more pleasant, reminding you how relaxing and mindful the rite of tea should be like as opposed to quickly popping the tea bag in the mug in lack of time.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful beach and palm trees of Barceloneta, one of my favourite places in the city. Read on to find out more about the individual tea blends! :)


Pandan Chiffon - This is a blend that includes roasted green tea, pandan leaves, osmathus blossoms and cinnamon. Its name is derived from a cake that is popular in South East Asia. I found myself having Pandan Chiffon tea on cold afternoons as I found it to have quite a wintery taste. Mango Sticky Rice - This blend is made of genmaicha, black tea, roasted barley, mango dices and candied coconut, and is inspired to a Thai cake. From the blend you can actually taste the coconut and mango very well, making it sweet yet rich from the dark flavour of black tea. I like to have this for brunch or in the afternoon.  I found these little boxes so cute! I think it's a very elegant but fun packaging and could be suitable for different occasions (more or less informal). 
The Moon Represents my Heart - This is the name of a famous Chinese song which I found very nice for a tea blend. This was also my favourite tea blend of the four; I don't think it has a specific time of the day to be had, as I could have it for breakfast, lunch and after dinner. It contains milk oolog, coconut bits, forget-me-not blossoms, lotus stamen and bergamot. Because I really like bergamot in perfumes or tea I couldn't help falling in love with it!

Lychee Konnyaku - This blend contains jasmine green, black tea, cranberries, lychee pieces and lily blossoms. It has quite a dark flavour to it but with a final touch of sweetness. I would have it in the afternoon or evening.

If you want to shop at Ette Tea click here.

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  1. Ah, looking at these images, and I swear I could hear the sound of the waves and feel the sunshine rays bringing warmth. I'm not too much of a green drinker (although I do love green tea, honey lemon and peppermint!) but I love this post! Tea is so good for the body and soul, that I think it's a great habit to make good use of it.

    -Lor //

    1. I am also a tea lover. My favourite type of tea (which will never make me tired) is cinnamon or chai tea. Also English breakfast with milk is pretty amazing :) I agree that it should be a habit! No problem for me, I have around 3-4 a day! :P

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