6 April 2016

Exploring Catalonia: Up in the clouds in Tibidabo!

When you are in Barcelona, you can see from several spots of the city a building that looks a bit like a castle from the fairy tales one used to read as a child. I had quite a few of those moments when I stopped and stared in awe and thought how nice it would have been to be there. I finally went to explore it, and even though the atmosphere was different from what I thought, I still had a few dreamy moments :)
Getting from Barcelona city centre to Tibidabo is quite an adventure itself, with a trip including metro, train, bus and funicular. The funicular is the most exciting bit as it travels through the trees and more green, giving breathtaking glimpses of the panorama. Once you get to the top, you actually realise that the place is much smaller than what it looked like before, and that the 'magical castle' is a church. It's still very green and fascinating though, with a stunning view to the city of Barcelona, the mountains surrounding Tibidabo and the sea.

The little magic in Tibidabo contrasts a bit with the touristic amusement park that is spread around the place including a big wheel, a rollercoaster, a red ancient plane you can have a ride on and a few other attractions that I carefully avoided. I know I don't sound very adventorous or fun, but I'm not a fan of these, and can't help thinking they're some of the most dangerous things you can voluntarily get yourself into (I mean I wonder when they last checked if that rollercoaster was safe...). However, I was able to enjoy the food bit of the amusement park which included churros y chocolate, one of my favourite Spanish things to eat.

My friend Claudia and I enjoyed the beautiful views by just standing there, looking at the sea and feeling the breeze... it felt so nice and relaxing. I love to stop and stare at panoramas and just think about things I'm grateful for. It makes the experience a bit different, deeper and more personal. Also just breathing and doing even a one minute meditation can feel very good. The air up in Tibidabo is so fresh as opposed to that in Barcelona and it felt a bit like a mind and body break.

After visiting the two churches, we sat outside the one higher up and watched the sun set and the sky getting covered by the clouds and fog. It happened so quickly! When we got to the city and looked up, we saw that the entire church was covered by the clouds.
Tibidabo is a magical trip you must do if you are in Barcelona! It's great for friends, families, solo travellers, couples... anyone really. So I suggest you go and see it yourself, if you haven't yet done so ;)

Things to Bring to Tibidabo:
- A camera or your phone
- Sunglasses (which I didn't have :)
- A scarf and warm jumper / coat (it didn't get very cold when I went but it's more chilly than down town!)
- Lots of ganas (= feel like something in Spanish) of staring at panoramas!

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  1. I never managed to go up, but the view looks really stunning!

    1. Yes, they are amazing! However you don't necessarily need to go up to Tibidabo to watch Barcelona from the top. You can go to the Bunkers, Parc Guell, las Arenas in Plaza Espanya... There are many spots from where you can observe this incredible place! :)

  2. This looks lovely - unfortunately we didn't get a chance to visit on our recent trip to Barcelona but I'd love to if we make a return visit!

    1. I wouldn't worry about it :) As I told Miss Lilly in the upper comments, the view from Tibidabo is very much like the one you get from different spots of Barcelona! But of course, a return visit is always a good idea :D