12 May 2016

Exploring Catalonia: Medieval Besalú, the Dalí Theatre-Museum and the Temps de Flors in Girona

Last Sunday I didn't have anything planned, so when I got a text from a friend asking to join her and other girls to travel around the region I couldn't help but accept. Hence, I booked my ticket from a company called Barcelona Trips and got my things ready for a trip to Besalú, Figueras and Girona. The three stops sounded very ambitious for a single day, but they were on my bucket list and didn't mind doing them quickly.
The evening before the trip was actually hilarious for me, since I'd forgotten my camera usb memory card at the office. My first thought was to rush there and get it, but I soon realised it wouldn't be the best idea to pester my boss on a Saturday evening for what might have sounded a bit silly to him (how can one be so desperate to take pictures?). Instead, I googled 'usb memory card / Barcelona' as quickly as I could and found that Fnac was open until 10 pm. I had 30 minutes to make it! I texted my friend Claudia who obviously supported me along the way with texts such as 'you can make it!'. Haha. I ran to the metro, got off at Catalunya and entered Fnac, where I grabbed a usb memory card and rushed to the tills. I felt so relieved as I really, really wanted to take pictures for a new blog post. I mean, I know this sounds crazy, but if you have a blog you'll understand.
I got home and checked that my ticket was ok and that my backpack was ready. All done.
In the morning, I met the girls in Plaza Catalunya where the bus left from. We felt a bit disappointed for the weather as it was gray and rainy, which does happen in Barcelona but it contrasts with the most frequent warm, sunny days.

We got to Besalú to find out it was a lovely Medieval town, but that didn't really have much to offer. After having walked around the city centre we all decided that sitting down at Manilo's cafe in the main square to have bocadillos or a simple café con leche was the best idea, especially because of the rain.

 The next stop was Figueras or Figueres where we went to see the Dalí Theatre-Museum. The visit was quick but very... unique. The museum does have an itinerary but not a thematic one as Dalí's work there (and everywhere) doesn't follow a logical thematic or stylistic order. I found it very interesting, even though I believe there is no specific way to understand his art.
* I chose not to share any pictures of the interiors of the museum because they wouldn't reflect the interesting use of space or the peculiar art works.

Our next stop, Girona, was the one we enjoyed the most. The spot where I took this picture felt so special since it looked so much like Florence, my home town. The houses, the bridges and the water are very similar although out of the picture it all felt so different.
For Temps de Flors (time of flowers), a sort of flower festival, the whole city centre was decorated with flowers and accessories like vases, umbrellas and heart-shaped thingys. We walked around the streets and eventually sat down at a cafe to have some snacks. These are some of the snaps I took while there. 

The Rambla in Girona! Pretty similar to the one in Barcelona huh? 

This trip was overall enjoyable. Started with lots of rain, it ended in the flowery bloom of spring. Among these places I recommend Girona for its strong local culture and authenticity, whereas Figueras and Besalú might simply add up to your Catalan knowledge but weren't life changing. I still really enjoyed discovering new places. Feel free to share your opinions if you agree or disagree with me :)

About Barcelona Trips:
- Good points: the trip was cheap; the buses fairly punctual;
- Bad points: there are no guides; when the bus left, the responsibles didn't count well or have a list of names. Apparently a girl was left in Figueras halfway through the trip. So always make sure to be there on time!


  1. Absolutely beautiful photographs, as always! I really feel like I was right there with you on the trip :)

    -Lor //