7 May 2016

Exploring Catalonia: Loving Life in Sitges

After having seen Sitges twice, I can say it's on the list of my favourite places in the world. Despite its high, year-round percentage of tourists and typical touristy beach establishments and restaurants, the vibes of this little sea town definitely get it right.
To me, Sitges was love at first sight. Our first encounter was on a chilly night of April when my friend Clara and I went for a walk and listened to jazz music. The air was crisp and you could listen to the relaxing sound of waves... it felt lovely.
The second time was the day I took these pictures, with a few changes - it was daytime and super hot. It felt like a different place, but I still had positive feelings about it. As opposed to the previous time, the sea side and centre were super crowded, but that didn't make it less appealing.

Loving life on the rocks! Haha :) 

The main reasons why I love this beach town is obviously the sea, but also the great atmosphere and vibes its bars and restaurants offer, and the little shops in city centre. I absolutely recommend going to Cel i Terra which has all things spiritual such as crystals and rocks, tibetan necklaces (I got my first one and was so happy about it :), salt lamps, buddha statues, and other bohemian-styled items and accessories. I could have stayed in there forever!

Loved this Moorish door :)

Cute little streets :)

If you are in Barcelona, make sure you book a daily trip to Sitges. It may be a bit touristy but it's definitely worth a visit. 

Have you been to Sitges and did you like it?

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