3 May 2016

Monthly Favourites: April 2016

April has been a great month, weather, blog, travel wise and for many more reasons. Spring in Barcelona and Spain is incredible as people say. The spring seasons I experienced in the UK or Italy were so different, involving an annoying wind that lets you take your coat off to later regret it due to half-season cold, frequent showers and a sun pretending to warm you up but actually not. Here, the weather is warm and being on the beach is already pleasant. Another reason why I have loved April is because I have spent every day lunch break from work on the beach as opposed to the upper, gloomy floor of the office. This is what it looked like:

During the last bit of the month I've done a lot of travelling and art visiting through the region and will of course be sharing it all with you!

Another exciting thing is I have recently found out that I have been nominated equipment officer at my university's yoga society, which means I get free classes at the students' union! (and hence I will always be at yoga. Haha not that I wasn't before).

Speaking of yoga, let's start my favourites from there :)

- Yoga Style
For the first time I have tried Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga. This is a type of yoga to be practised in a room at 40 degrees. I went there only because my instructor wasn't in Barcelona and thought I would go to another class as a back up. As I entered the class I felt dizzy and thought, "these people must be crazy to do this!". But as the class went by I enjoyed it more and more. The heat is an extra obstacle to your concentration, but the challenge actually makes keeping asanas more satisfying. As the class came to an end, I also realised that laying in savasana is much easier in a hot place, as my muscles tend to get stiff again with the cold of the room. The instructors also massage a drop of fresh essential oil on the forehead which is a nice feeling to add to the relaxation.

- Lifestyle Blog 
One of the first bloggers I have been in contact with was Carolin from Style Lingua, a girl from Berlin living in London who enjoys blogging about lifestyle, film and fashion. I enjoy her blog and social media for being very genuine and passionate, and especially honest in the opinions section :)

- Favourite Meditation Event
If you happen to be in Barcelona at the weekend, there is a free world meditation event every Sunday organised by Happy Soul Yoga. The event is open air on the port near Marbella beach and you simply sit down and meditate for as long as you like in front of the sea. It is very relaxing, and although my friend and I only stayed there for fifteen minutes or so we felt very relieved. There is something beautiful and wild about the sea that couldn't make me focus on my inner self. That would probably be more likely to happen in nature. But sitting down in front of the sea made me think of how amazing our planet and lives can be and that there is so much beauty to take in. We only need to stop and listen to them to realise this truth.
Photo by Happy Soul Yoga

What were your favourites this month? 

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