9 May 2016

The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho - Book Review

The Fifth Mountain is a story about human love, forgiveness and struggle. While it felt a bit confusing at first, it evolves as the story goes on, taking a more structured shape where the author's messages are more easily comprehensible and can really impress you. I don't think this was Coelho's best book, however it's got his typical style which I overall admire and hence it didn't disappoint me too much.

The book is about the prophet Elijah, who after escaping his homeland due to the princess Jezebel's order to kill all prophets who refuse to worship the god Baal, seeks refuge in the town of Akbar. There, he falls in love with a woman and through the city's rapture by the Assyrians and re-building of it, he learns the most important life lessons and spreads them to the other inhabitants of Akbar.

Like the other books by Paulo Coelho, The Fifth Mountain is a simple but spiritual novel rich with life lessons. The story of Elijah starts as a complex political one which I found a little overdetailed, but then it develops into a more interesting, personal one that is based on the man's feelings and the ones of the characters around him.

The most precious lesson I have learnt from this book is that each step of your life is fundamental. It doesn't matter whether you have struggled to reach something and you haven't completely succeeded: what matters the most is that you have fought for a goal with determination.

Honestly, I wasn't super impressed by this book, but I'm happy to have added another Coelho read to my list. I feel like his books are an indirect form of self-help books and really enjoy reading one every now and then.

Have you read and learnt another life lesson from The Fifth Mountain? 

My edition: Paulo Coelho, 2004. The Fifth Mountain. HarperTorch: London. Pages: 245. Font is quite small. Unfortunately, the English translation is very bad - most sentences don't sound right. I bought the book at Paperback Exchange in Florence (my favourite!) for 50 cent!

Goodreads: 3/5 stars.

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