6 June 2016

May 2016: Monthly Favourites

After April, May flew by fast. This was a month full of events and things to do in Barcelona. Because at work things are a bit more chilled (summertime is approaching...), I've stressed out a lot less and enjoyed life a bit more. The best moment has definitely been going to see Coldplay's A Head Full of Dreams World Tour which was an adventure to say the least.
Here are some of my favourites of the month:

- Coldplay's A Head Full of Dreams World Tour Concert
As I shared on my Instagram, going to the concert was one of the most amazing experiences I've had in my life! I'd never been to such a big one before and I know it will stay with me as a precious memory in the future.
The story behind it is a bit of a crazy one, as everything that happened was improvised and hence so not like me, because I always tend to plan things. I actually hadn't planned to go to the concert until the day of the prima.. and hence only a day before the night when I wanted to go. After having found someone online who would sell 10 tickets for a cheap price and not managing to find enough people to reach the number, my flatmate and I decided to go by ourselves for a higher price as he wouldn't only sell two cheap ones. Besides, he'd promised he would accompany us to the entrance to make sure that the tickets weren't fake, so we really hoped that he would turn up! As we got to the Estadi Olimpic, we texted for around an hour without any chance to find him, who, at some point, stopped answering. I got so disappointed, and even though I was trying to find a positive side to it ("at least I know I won't do this next time"), I felt so angry and sad. My flatmate gave up and decided not to enter at all - I didn't blame her as it seemed very hard to find new tickets.
But when the adverts music started, I realised what I would be missing out on. I refused to give up! I basically started asking around how to find a new ticket and actually did in less than two minutes, as I said out loud compro entrada! (= I'm buying a ticket) on the street around the stadium. A guy selling tickets approached me and sold me his last one, saying it was the last one he had (was that a sign? I like to think about it in that way), risking whether it was real or fake. I ran towards the entrance, butterflies in my stomach, and gave my ticket to a lady who scanned it twice without being able to read it. I froze. Luckily, at her third attempt it worked.
Entering the stadium I felt incredible, overwhelmed by the incredible amount of people. And lonely. Everyone had their boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, friends with them... and I didn't. But the exciting feeling prevailed and I made it my intention to meet people there, as though it sounded crazy and I'm not the type of person who normally does that. After an awkward attempt at chatting with a girl who was actually with her partner, I managed to meet a few guys and a girl who'd also spontaneously come at the last minute. I felt super happy because I didn't have to spend the whole evening by myself and could stay with them... and kind of proud for what I'd decided to do alone, not having to wait or ask for anyone else.
After chatting a while and listening to Lianne La Havas (whose voice was amazing, but whom everyone identified as the wait for Coldplay), the music and the show started, overwhelming the public like a massive wave. Red lights sparkled towards the sky and Chris Martin's voice started and it felt incredible. The first song was A Head Full of Dreams, which made a good, thrilling start. The next songs flowed smoothly, with beautiful visual effects from the stage such as colourful mandalas in the main screen and the Catalan flag, which Martin also wore hanging from his trousers (and obviously made all Catalans in the arena proud). People were also given bracelets that made weird sounds haha and turned into different colours according to the song played. That created a nice lighting effect from the crowd, along with the biggest one from the stage.
My favourite songs in this bit included Clocks, Everglow, Viva la Vida, Fix You Hymn for the Weekend and Adventure of a Lifetime. I loved how Coldplay built up tension to get to the best songs like Hymn for the Weekend and Adventure of a Lifetime. Instead of going straight into it they played a piano piece, creating suspense as nobody knew it, then hit with the song and got a wow reaction. When they played Fix You I got so emotional - that's a song that accompanied me through difficult moments and it's about a very sensitive topic with beautiful tunes. Even though I kept that to myself, I couldn't help but feeling so happy and thankful to be there, and in Barcelona, and to be living such an amazing life. I love these moments <3
After this exciting list of songs, there was a little break where Coldplay left the central stage and stood on a separate platform performing some cult songs. I bet the fans standing in that area loved it!
The ending was sensational. The last songs were A Sky Full of Stars and Up and Up, some of my favourite songs by the group which put the audience in a very good mood :)
I left feeling so content and dreamy. I actually just didn't want to leave!

- My Coldplay Cup
Of course, after writing about the Coldplay concert I needed some proof. For me that was this lovely cup which they gave you with any drink at the stadium bars.

- Patchouli Incense
If you have ever visited at my place, you'll know that anywhere I am in the world I will have some candles to burn and keep a nice atmosphere, especially in my bedroom and the living room. However, when I moved to my second Barcelona flat my housemate and friend Belén would often burn a stick of incense in the living room and the whole house would smell so good and acquire a sense of calm if that makes sense. So I went to Encants, a marketplace, and bought a little Patchouli incense. If you don't know it (I didn't!), Patchouli is a plant that frequently grows in South East Asia, India and South America and it smells delicious :)
If like me, you used not to like incense, I suggest you start with some lighter scents like this one to learn how to appreciate it.

- My first articles on The Italian Magazine
Even though I'm still not sure if I'll be collaborating with this travel magazine and these were some trial articles, I would like to share the two pieces I wrote: Queen of Curves Zaha Hadid's Buildings and The Richest Jewelry Collections of the World. It took a while to create them with the pictures, copyright, elaborating the text... but I'm so happy to see my name on it :)

What were your favourites this month? 
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