16 June 2016

Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho - Book Review

Why decide to read a book on someone who wants to die? Because, in my opinion, all of Paulo Coelho's books have a message worth reading about, which is why I plan to read all of them, including Veronika Decides to Die.

The book isn't actually about death, but how we face life and the fact that what is considered 'madness' is often a wake up call to the routine and rules that society has imposed on us. Here, Coelho suggests that liberation from these paradigms can set one free and lead her to the understanding of the beauty of life.
Veronika, a Slovenian woman of 24, seems to a have a rich life: she is young and beautiful, has plenty of boyfriends, a good job and a loving family. But when she starts feeling a tremendous void inside, she decides it's time for her to committ suicide. After being saved by some nuns, she is interned in Villete, a mental institution. When her doctor gives her a few days left, she decides to live her life to the full and allows herself to self-discovery of emotions such as love, hatred, pleasure, fear and curiosity, finding out that every instant of life is about choosing between life or death. 

Despite this message being a redundant one in our time, and hence almost without a meaning, I appreciated the way Coelho put it in this book, both through the story and the simple words. Some quotes I liked: 

People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.

Be crazy! But learn how to be crazy without being the center of attention. Be brave enough to live different.

And many more. However, it isn't about the single words in Coelho's book as much as the general, deeper meaning the book wants to convey. I enjoyed this one a lot and recommend it to when you're in a good disposition as the topic of depression can be a bit tough at times. 

Goodreads: 5/5.

My edition: Paulo Coelho, 1998. Veronika decide morir. Planeta. Pages: 229. Bought on Rambla Catalunya on the day of Sant Jordi in Barcelona! Large edition with clear font. 


  1. I love Paulo Coelho and his work so much. I've always found him so inspiring. I haven't read Veronika Decides to Die yet, but I really want to. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful review Assia! <3

    1. I also like his work a lot, I enjoy reading it every now and then because it reminds me of the things that matter the most. Thank you for stopping by Harriet :)