12 August 2016

Amsterdam's Canals, the Rijksmuseum and Trying Dutch Pancakes

Goedemorgen! As previously announced in my last travel post I am currently travelling to a new area of Northern Europe: the Netherlands! After having read The Miniaturist, Girl with a Pearl Earring and watching The Fault in Our Stars I'd been dreaming of going to Amsterdam and see it with my own eyes, and not just through books or movies, despite how amazing or realistic they may be. So finally my blog will also have a Dutch section!

First things first: before thinking of any artwork, tulips field or windsmill, my urge was to go see the Amsterdam canals. Despite the pictures you might have seen advertised on guide books, the view over the canals is usually gloomy, but not worse at all for this reason. In fact, a grey sky means lots of storms and showers, which make flowers bloom beautifully and trees grow everywhere there is enough space. 

The pictures might not show this properly, but these picturesque houses along the canals are obviously subject to humidity all year round, and since they are very old, their foundations tend to give in a bit, making them crooked and laying on the buildings next to them. 

Since I am an art lover, I couldn't skip the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam's biggest art collection and equivalent to the Parisian Louvre, the Florentine Uffizi and the London National Gallery. These types of galleries have a great vibe to them since loads of Internationals visit them and they can stir so many emotions and ideas. I can't even imagine how cool it would be to be a painter and get inspiration from there.

A detail of the amazing garden around the museum :)

As usual, I decided not to include pictures of the artworks because I believe it wouldn't convey the feeling of standing in front of the painting / sculpture / other. But I loved seeing Petronella Oortman's miniature house, which you will know of if you read The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton - definitely a novel to read if you are planning to visit Amsterdam.

Because I found it fun to include Currywurst in my first Hamburg travel post, I decided to mention another food specialty in this one. My blog is not food related, but travelling always is and I love trying out specialties from different places and sharing my thoughts. A typically local dish I tried was Dutch pancakes, which can be sweet or savoury. I followed a fellow blogger's advice, Sally from Passport and Plates, who suggested eating at Pancakes and got a savoury pancake with pine nuts, spinach and goat cheese. It tasted delicious! I had it with some fresh mint tea, which I realised the Dutch make without actually using any tea bag: they boil water and simply add mint leaves, which also tastes very good. On top of it you can let a stroopwaffel warm up, then dip it into the tea and taste the caramel melt. Yummy :P
Info on the Rijksmuseum: make sure you get your tickets before you get to the museum. You can purchase them online but also at info points in the city, which is what I did. One adult is 17 euro (worth it!).

Stay tuned for more posts on Amsterdam! If you haven't seen it yet, you can check my last Hamburg post here :)


  1. So many people I know have gone to Amsterdam this summer (including, my sister!) I never get tired of looking at the beautiful photos of the canal. I hear it's such a wonderful place. And those Dutch pancakes look amazing :)


    1. I know, it's such a popular destination in Europe, hence it was quite hard to make the trip non-touristic. If you have the chance to go, then definitely seize it! :)

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