24 August 2016

Discovering Berlin in One Single Day!

After getting deep in my post on legacy in Berlin, I decided to write a lighter travel post with pictures I took around the city during the day I was there. I'm sure that Berlin has so much more to offer than what I saw, but I guess you can only take in so much in a day.

The first stop was, of course, Brandeburgtur. I'm sure you have seen this monument before on a tour guide or some touristy picture since it's one of the main symbols of the city. This neoclassical building was constructed in the 1700s, but it covered a vital importance during the Cold War and hence the division of the city. The square has a great atmosphere to it - it's full of people during the day and at night, when it gets even better for the impressive lighting.

Near the Brandeburg Gate is a park called Gro├čer Tiergarten, where you can find a Holocaust memorial and several touristic attractions. I would have loved to cycle here!
Wandering around the city, we got to this beautiful square called Gendarmenplatz. From here one could really tell the importance of architecture in Berlin, both old and new, since it's surrounded by modern buildings as well. If you didn't know it, Berlin still has a fair amount of historical monuments. However, most of it was rebuilt during the post-war period and it offers very many tall, modern buildings including some big skyscrapers.

In case you saw people wearing a T-shirt with this little man on it and wondered what it was (I did that for a long time), it's called Ampelmann, and it's the symbol you can find on the traffic lights in Berlin. The walking man stands for green and the standing one for red.

Like Hamburg, Berlin offers the chance to do tours on a ferry, which would have been lovely on a day like this one. Along the river we stopped at a marketplace where local artists sold their work; there is also the chance to sit down to eat since there are also many nice restaurants with a view.

The Berliner Dom

 This was my favourite square in the whole city. Opposite the church is a lawn where people can lay on (it's also where I fell asleep lol). 

The TV tower in Alexanderplatz - a standard tourist picture that I needed to take!

In my short time here, I could notice that Berlin offers a great shopping scenario. This bookshop and the big Rittersport chocolate store were two of the shopping-stops I made. There are also many areas dedicated to shops and little cafes and restaurants, like in the last two pictures below.

The Sony Center

I can't remember the name of this little shopping centre with bars and a cinema but found it very cute :)

Seeing Berlin was a must on my Europe travel list. A day can be very fruitful, even though from this post you might only see a hundredth of the city. It's a very interesting place, with a strong historical influence and an impressive perspective projected towards the future. Definitely a place to visit!

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  1. Berlin looks gorgeous!! I have some friends who just came back from there, and they loved it. Maybe another place to add to the bucket list :)


    1. Not sure if I would go there as a holiday but it was definitely very instructive!