15 August 2016

Green Amsterdam: Vondelpark, the Bloemenmarkt and the Begijnhof

Travelling to Amsterdam isn't exactly the type of relaxing-in-nature kind of holiday, but the city does offer a lot of green spaces to take a break from the urban rhythm and scenery. My stay here was short, hence I only visited the big main sites, but there are many other green areas you can stop at. The presence of tulips and flowers blooming around the city and the stalls selling them is also significant, which makes the city even more nature-centred. 

Vondelpark was the main reason for which Amsterdam reminded me of London. It's got the same kind of park, even though less crowded - on a sunny day in London people would run to parks, which is also true here. However, I didn't see any yoga, dancing or weird activities you would see there. Most people were tourists taking pictures or locals cycling and walking. I loved it because it was such a nice break from the crowd of the city centre and I could breathe fresh air again.

This ensemble of stones looked so peaceful :)

This is the guide I used for Amsterdam. I will give you a little insight behind its story: I took part in a GirlvsGlobe giveaway. The guides offered were Amsterdam, Rome, Paris and London and decided to go for Amsterdam, because I'd wanted to go so badly and for so long. When I found out that I won I was super happy, but then I thought it would be ages before I actually travelled there... but eventually I did end up in Amsterdam! Was it destiny? Maybe, but I did give it some help (yes, I see travelling and most things in life in this weird way).

Another green spot is the Bloemenmarkt, the biggest flower market of the city. It's all very colourful and varied, each stall selling different types of plants, flowers and other related accessories. I bought some red tulip bulbs to plant in my garden and can't wait to do it :) 

The market also offers many cheese shops such as this one: 

Actually, cheese is sold pretty much everywhere in Amsterdam. But this isn't the main topic of the post. So let's get back to it...

The Begijnhof is a lovely, hidden courtyard with perfectly cut grass. But besides that, it is a closed area where a group of Beguines (a lay religious order) lived by following a pious, but not strict religious life. The courtyard was founded in the Middle Ages and the last beguine died in 1974. It 
was always inhabited by women and it still is.

So, I hope you enjoyed my green post! If you know other hidden green spaces of Amsterdam, please let me know in the comments. These are the most well-known, but I still enjoyed sharing my opinion on them.

If you haven't seen it yet, you can check my last Amsterdam post here :)


  1. Ah, these photographs are so gorgeous! I swear, I need to get out to Amsterdam one day. Any time I see photos of the canal, it just takes my breath away.


  2. Thank you :) And yes, put it down on your bucket list!