11 August 2016

Hamburg's Port, St Pauli and the Super Food Market at Schanzenhöfe

I'm still currently travelling around Northern Europe, which is why you'll be seeing new locations coming up soon on the blog. I have already anticipated the Baltic Sea on my social media, but there is a new location that I haven't yet shared yet which is a pretty exciting surprise. Can you guess what it is?

Although I mentioned it in my last post, I haven't posted any pictures of Hamburg's Port yet, which is why I'm catching up this time. I love Hamburg's port because it's so spacious and you could go for endless walks there. I also like Bristol's harbourside, but they are a bit different in that Hamburg is more a commercially relevant kind of port, while Bristol tends to be associated with social life and is a lot smaller. In case you're wondering, I'm comparing the two because I find the cities very alike.

The Fishmarkt is a must-see feature of Hamburg's port. Unfortunately, you would have to wake up at 5am or not sleep at all on a Sunday morning to see it, since it's the only day and time of the week when it happens. I did this last time that I was here, which was fun but also a bit traumatising! 

I found this statue of a couple super cute! I think they are meant to be a typically German couple in the 1800s - the woman is collecting the fish to cook it, while the man is a fisherman who just got some fish for the day.

This is the harbourside from the opposite bank. Something interesting about it is that you can get to it by crossing an underground tunnel, which is obviously under the channel  - something you might not be used to. 

Besides being a city known for its port, Hamburg offers many original, quirky areas such as St Pauli, which besides its red light district (separated by a wall from the street and off limits to women) has nice bars, cafes and restaurant you can stop at. I had some chips (pommes) here and took some snaps - I love how German bars always have little plants with colourful vases, and if they are in an open space they have blankets you can wrap yourself in to avoid getting cold.

And this is the Dom, the amusement park of Hamburg. I have to say this is a very well structured one since it offers all kinds of rollercoasters and other such terrific games. I have honestly never been a fan of these - it's the type of out-of-the-comfort-zone thing that I don't appreciate. I'd rather walk around while having candy or Schmalzkuchen, little round fried pastry to have with nutella or just sugar :) 
But let's jump to the next activity: the Superfood Market at Schanzenhöfe. I love markets, and this one was even more unique since it sold and offered taster sessions of vegan food. I bought a packet of chocolate Kokonusschips because they were the best product I tried. I also tasted a great apple cider and some quinoa and lentils crips, but didn't purchase those in the end. 

This cookbook was made by collecting favourite recipes from various refugees in Hamburg and put together to show support and spread their culture.

After visiting so many amazing places, the day definitely came to an end on a good note. Hamburg has so much to offer and you can't ever get bored!

Stay tuned for more posts on Hamburg, and if you haven't seen it yet you can check out my previous one here :)

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