3 August 2016

Monthly Favourites - July 2016

As you may have noticed, I've been lacking a bit of inspiration lately. I only wrote a few posts in July but I hope that since I'm travelling in August I'll be able to bring some fresh new content for you. This month I have been home and caught up on time with my family, reading and watching series. Just relaxing really - we all need a bit of that, even though my brain didn't seem to quite accept stopping to be all over the place. Since I have been working for the last semester, I'm finding it really hard to stop and enjoy not doing anything. I still try and plan my days, but force myself to be spontaneous a bit and avoid technology each time an opportunity is presented.

- Days at the beach!
I have been to the beach around once a week with my mum and once with my friends. Since it's so close to Florence we can drive and get there in an hour or so. I love the sea and this year I was lucky enough to enjoy it for the whole year. Grateful :)

- YouTube channel: Real Leyla
Even though I've never mentioned it before, one of my favourite YouTube channels is a lifestyle one by a young woman called Leyla, who lives in Toronto with her husband Dimitri and her beautiful new born baby Adriana. I really liked her last two videos on her house tour and whipped body butter tutorial since they are so simple but well done, and give me some inspiration to try new things myself.

Check it out here

- TED Talk: Your Elusive Creative Genius by Elizabeth Gilbert
While reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, which I'll soon be blogging about, I watched the TED talk related to the book. This confirmed my impression on Gilbert, who comes across as a clever, smart, fun person through her style of writing. She is also incredibly inspiring in person and the talk really shows it. I would love to meet her one day!
- Film: Spotlight by Tom McCarthy (2015)
Something fun I did was going to an open air cinema to watch Spotlight, the new film everyone's talking about. Spotlight is a newspaper investigation on sexual harrassment committed by priests on minors. In the 1970s, a team of journalists of the Boston Globe called Spotlight research documentation linked to the topic in order to uncover the hidden crimes committed by the priests of Boston, and later all the United States.

The film follows the method of each journalist through the investigation: the interviews, the attempts at making the Church documents public, the signatures hard to get and so on. It's a documentary type of film where not many emotions are conveyed from the kids and the victims that appear. I thought that this was interesting, but that an emotional angle might have inspired more journalists and responsibles behind the topic to speak up and take effective action.

I liked seeing Rachel McAdams playing an important role as the only female journalist and a young actress in a serious film.

What were your favourites this month?


  1. I am resting this month, maternity leave. But have been reading a lot of good fictions in bed

  2. Those beach pictures are gorgeous! And I've always wanted to see the film Spotlight! Heard it was great (not just because it won Best Picture).
    I think my July favourites are wrapping up my summer gig and finally enjoying some time off. I don't really have big plans, but it's just nice to be able to sleep in a bit and take my days as they come rather than rushing out the door and meeting deadlines.
    Happy August! :)


    1. It's definitely worth watching. There is so much I found out about the Church that I didn't know. Simple days in summer are the best. Going to pop over to your blog! :)