6 August 2016

Visiting the Isemarkt and Eating Currywurst in Hamburg, Germany

This year's summer holidays brought me back to a Northern European location I've already been to: Hamburg, a big city in the north of Germany. Hamburg is known for its big harbourside and vibrant atmosphere since there is always something going on including shows, markets, and more kinds of events.

One of the places that stuck in my mind since last time is the Isemarkt, a marketplace in Eppendorf where one can buy flowers, house decorations, local food including meat, fish, cheese, fruit and veggies. I came back to visit it and took some colourful snaps which convey the nice atmosphere there.

And since last time I went to this market I also had Currywurst, I also had it this time but in city centre. For those of you who haven't tasted it, it's basically a chopped wurstel seasoned with ketchup and sprinkled curry and it tastes delicious. It's actually just a simple snack you can have between meals, but it does fill you up.

And these are the little tables where people eat it while standing! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for some more in the next days :)

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