14 September 2016

6 Goals for my Final Year at University

I am officially back in Bristol town!
I flew here on Sunday afternoon and it's been hectic since day 1. This is both because I'm working during Welcome Week 2016 at the International Office and because I feel like I need to get ahead of time with the upcoming year. Not many students have arrived in Bristol yet and I feel like this is giving me the chance to settle back in more easily. I would also like to use this time to get determined for the year ahead and try to make it my best one at university. So far it's been pretty good - I just found out I was nominated for a year abroad essay prize which made me so happy! I'm still waiting for my third year assignments results, which hopefully will be good. One of my targets this year would be to graduate with a first class degree, although that wouldn't reflect my entire university experience since it wasn't (luckily) all spent on books or in the library, but more mixing up academics to social activities and getting useful life experience - which, in my opinion, is a lot more relevant than merely studying. In this post, I have brainstormed some ideas and wrote down a list of my goals for this final university year... let's see what happens!

1 - Work hard on my assignments
This year, I want to try and improve my essay skills as much as possible. I'm still not sure if I'll do a master's degree, so this might be my last chance to excercise this with the help of a tutor. I'll also need to work harder on my translations which I often neglect a bit, and my short language essays (even though I'm not looking forward to those at all...).

2 - Write a solid dissertation
Yes. Even though it's not mandatory, I decided to sign up to the Independent Study module that will allow me to write a final year dissertation. I didn't exactly want to do this but realised at the last minute that it was going to be quite silly not to, since it's so important for potential future jobs. But now I really like the idea of planning and writing my own piece of work. I still need to decide what the subject will be, but I'm considering a thesis regarding literature and / or cinema.

3 - Keep working part time
Although I'm missing last welcome week's group (we made such a good team <3), I am still going to work at welcome week by the international office this year. It's going to be intense over this week but I need to keep going! I'm also going to continue doing campus tours around the university which only take an hour, but not sure if I'll have time to do the phone centre like in first and second year. Time will tell. I just really like mixing study and work because I feel on track for the future when I'll be working full time and not just like an alienated student (even though the job is very easy :).

4 - Keep my body healthy
I really need to start cooking again. This summer I've been following a bit of an unhealthy diet and I'm craving raw fruits and veggies on a daily basis. I'm also going to try to make big meals to last for the week and bring packed lunches to university, which is something I often feel lazy about. Of course, I'm going to attend yoga classes twice to three times a week (this definitely won't be a problem) and do meditation daily, which I've been doing loads in both August and September up until now. Namaste!

5 - Be balanced and mindful even during stressful times
Over the last few years, my most stressful times were during the internship in Barcelona and my final year at high school. But personally, because university timetables are very stretched out, I don't find attending too stressful. As long as I can study with my cuppa at home I should be fine. This year might me harder, especially for the dissertation, so I'm going to try and stay balanced even through that. One habit I have started is to always read a self-help book along side a novel, and I find that it helps a lot. I'm currently reading The Mastery of Love by Dr. Miguel Ruiz, which is good, but definitely overrated in my opinion. Next I will pick up A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, which I'm super excited about.

As I said, hopefully I will graduate with a first class degree, but this wouldn't entirely reflect my university experience. So I will just say that I hope to graduate with a satisfactory mark.
I'm so excited just thinking of my graduation picture. I honestly can't wait to hang it in my bedroom. It's going to be so cool to look at that and realise each time how long it took to get there. Hopefully it all goes well.

I believe that if I work hard and stay focused all this will happen. I cannot wait to see it become real. Wish me luck!

What are your goals for your academic / working year ahead of you?


  1. I think you're gonna be just great in your final year! :) You seem very dedicated and hard-working, I have high hopes!

    I had a pretty overwhelming work year last year, so I'm hoping this year is a little less steady. So far, it's starting off well - I'm doing a school administration position in a place that is very laid back and super close to home. I can come home on my lunch breaks which is great! So far, I'm only booked there until the end of October, but fingers crossed I can stay longer!


    1. Hi Lor! Sounds like your placement's got some good elements to it. I like working near home as well, and going back for lunch is priceless. I'm sure you'll do very well and hopefully you can stay <3

  2. Good luck for your last year of uni. I'm sure you'll graduate with amazing results!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Thank you so much Aleesha :) Are you also at uni? xx