6 September 2016

Monthly Favourites: August 2016

August was a month of extensive travel. I hadn't seen so many new places since my Erasmus trip to the North of Spain where I discovered infinite exciting aspects of Spanish culture. This time, I travelled to Northern Europe (how come it's always about the northern regions?) and saw many German and Dutch locations, which I really liked and made me consider moving abroad again in a far future. Who knows what life holds for me!

- Travel: Northern Europe
Throughout August, I mainly focused on blogging my trip to Germany and Holland, which was so fun and culturally instructive. I put a lot of attention in editing and sharing pictures and not so much on the texts, especially because I didn't have much time between visiting the cities, or I'd rather just spend it outside. Here are the posts I have written while there in case you missed them:

- Berlin
The Berlin Wall, the Importance of Legacy and Hopes for the Future
Discovering Berlin in One Single Day!
- Hamburg
Visiting the Isemarkt and Eatinf Currywurst in Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg's Port, St Pauli and the Super Food Market at Schanzenhöfe
- Schleswig-Holstein and Frieslande
German Beaches: Scharbeutz, Vollerwiek and St Peter-Ording

- Noord-Holland
Amsterdam's Canals, the Rijksmuseum and Trying Dutch Pancakes
Green Amsterdam: Vondelpark, the Bloemenmarkt and the Begijnhof
Shopping in Haarlem and Seeing the Windmills in Zaanse Schans
Greenland in Sankt Peter-Oording

- TV Series: Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks isn't exactly what you'd call a new finding for me. In fact, I watched this ages ago with my mum who is a big fan. This year I'm watching it again because they're broadcasting it on TV and I have plenty of time so... why not?

Twin Peaks is the name of a little town of Montana, near Canada, where everyone knows each other and life goes at a very slow and regular pace. Until one day, young Laura Palmer is killed. The murder shocks the town, police included, and it will take an external FBI agent, Inspector Cooper, to carry out an objective investigation to find out who the culprit is. But Cooper's methods don't exactly follow the standard procedures: he likes to follow a Tibetan intuitive method based on visions, dreams and clues. Besides Cooper's attention to the subconscious mind, all characters of Twin Peaks seem to live in an abstract state of mind and that they are all part of an atmosphere of tradition, perversion and mistery.

This is definitely an unconventional type of thriller. David Lynch and Mark Frost's touch definitely make a big difference, creating a unique series.
(Not sure why the trailer has subtitles in German)

Please give some advice on TV series! What are some of your favourite?

- YouTube Video: How to Write a Book for Beginners by Project Life Mastery 
I'm currently trying to put together a story but needed some inspiration to keep me going and found this great video. I found the best tips to be:
- viewing a book as an ensemble of chapters and each chapter as an ensembe of paragraphs etc. so it doesn't scare you while writing;
- use pain as a way to trigger your determination while writing. Ask yourself: if you don't write it, what is it going to cost you not to be heard in the future, in 5 years, in 10 years?
- ask yourself questions on the book, such as: what is your purpose? why do you want readers to be reading your book? why is it a must for you to write this book?

- My Latest Article on The Italian Eye Magazine

The Best Natural Pools in the World .

What were your favourites this month? 


  1. That top picture of you is so pretty :) Sounds like you had a very good August!
    My favourites in August were taking some time off to visit the Toronto Islands, spending a few days in the city, and going up north for a few days and reading by the beach!


    1. Thank you Lor :) always so kind. I LOVE reading by the beach! it's my favourite 'sport' haha. I would love to see what the Toronto islands or any North American island are like.