22 October 2016

Exploring Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

Last week, my best friend from home, Claudia, came to visit me in Bristol. Like last time she came in my second year, we decided to travel a bit around the area and headed to Cheddar, a little town in Somerset where Cheddar cheese is produced and where you can walk in nature and see a natural gorge. After a long bus trip from Bristol, we explored Cheddar and walked up the natural footpath, which was lovely, even if we didn't get to the top. And of course, since there were so many cosy tea shops and cafes we had to indulge in cream tea.

Getting to Cheddar is quite an adventure - leaving from the coach station, the bus drives through the periphery of Bristol, which doesn't look great. However, as the journey goes on, the bus drives through big and smaller streets of the Somerset countryside which is nice...and very green :)  

As we got to Cheddar, we had a walk along the main street. I love that in small towns there are always independent pubs, tea shops and clothes shops, as opposed to the chains you would find in a bigger city. We took some snaps, but decided to leave tea for later. 

We were surprised to see that there aren't many shops selling Cheddar cheese or showing the production process, although that's probably something they should invest their tourism on.

Beware of sheep!

Our walk in the green was nice, even though on a main street where cars drove past. We walked for around an hour and a half then went back, a bit disappointed of not having seen the gorge but content with our exercise. If you ever visit Cheddar Gorge and have the chance to, I suggest going by car to make the most of it. 

The tea shop we stopped at was called the Wishing Well tea rooms - very typical and old fashioned :) As you can tell we had a delicious cream tea with a freshly baked scone that we shared. 

Scones are gone by then!
My friend Claudia <3
How to get to Cheddar Gorge from Bristol:
Get to the Coach Station and take number 376 to Wells, then number 126 to Cheddar. Ask the driver if you're not sure where to get off.  (But drive if you can!) 

What to wear to hike when travelling to Cheddar Gorge:
If you're planning to trek and climb, maybe bring some professional shoes, but otherwise you'll be fine with trainers. 


  1. Such a cute place. Great pics!

    xx Leesa & Kate
    Travel Inspo?

    1. Thanks you two :) I'll defo check you blog out! xx

  2. Loving all the photographs! Looks like you and your friend Claudia had a nice time together :)