11 November 2016

Monthly Favourites: September & October 2016

It's needless to say that the past two months have been hectic, since it's the first time I haven't been able to do monthly favourites regularly in almost an entire year! So I'll have to squeeze September and October together, but that's ok. I've basically been going to class and the library every single day, and haven't had much time to read or watch films. These last few days I've been trying hard to make space for my hobbies and meditation - going to yoga only once a week isn't ideal and I miss reading spiritual and self-help books a lot. But I'm looking forward to Christmas holidays, when I may have a bit more time for all that. This year they're actually starting sooner than usual which is a good thing. I'm all set for the vibes!

- Yoga Class with This Girl Can
Yesterday, my friend Emily and I went to a free yoga class organised by our university's campaign This Girl Can, a sport project for empowering women. I love the idea behind it and was happy to take part in such a good initiative, even just through a class. I believe that more projects of this kind should be organised in schools and universities to raise girls' self-confidence, which is too often undermined by the media with images of unattainable perfection.

- Pads for Refugees
This month, University of Bristol's Feminist Society has organised a great initiative called Pads for Refugees where people can simply drop a packet of pads in boxes around campus, and they will later be sent to refugees. I think that this is an incredibly useful and well-though project, since we often don't think about the handy side of a hard situation like the ones refugees are going through.

- Fireplace sounds
Lately I've been enjoying listening to crackling sounds of the fireplace while studying. It's very relaxing and helps me concentrate a lot, plus it reminds me that Christmas is near :)

- Films: Bridget Jones's Baby and The Girl on the Train
And now onto the films everyone's been talking about: Bridget Jones's Baby and The Girl on the Train. I actually went to see both at the cinema - the first one in Bristol with my best friend and housemates and the second one back home with my family.

Bridget Jones was so fun! At the beginning of the film it took a while to get back in the story since the second film came out ages ago. But they did that quite well with a catchy soundtrack and new fun characters, including Bridget's friend and Patrick Dempsey in place of Hugh Grant. I really liked the plot, although I missed the old version of Bridget and Darcy a bit!

Watching The Girl on the Train, the film inspired to Paula Hawkins's bestseller, was a completely different experience. While I liked how clear and logical the book was, I found the film a bit confusing for someone who wouldn't know the plot. It's full of flashbacks and blonde girls and it gets a bit messy in some points. But I loved the cast (Emily Blunt is perfect as Rachel) and the shots are beautiful with a fresh, modern feel to them. I recommend reading the book first! 
Hope you enjoyed the post! What were your favourites this month?


  1. Love this, Assia! (and no worries about the combined favourites - life gets busy, right?)
    It's so funny, but I actually listen to the sound of a fireplace too in the mornings as I'm making my bed and sipping on some coffee. It's so relaxing! (I listen to it from a free phone app I have called 'Calm.')
    That photo of you in the fields is beautiful! Looks so gorgeous :)


    1. It definitely does! Especially when you're in your last year at uni ;) I did try Calm for a while last year. Thanks for commenting, you're so kind as usual! :)