19 December 2016

The Chronicles of the Emerged World by Licia Troisi - Book Trilogy Review

Although I usually don't read much fantasy literature, this summer I started Nihal from the Land of Wind on a whim and haven't looked back. Which means that for the first time in my life I have actually finished reading a saga (I can't recall the last time I did - the fourth book in the Harry Potter series is still waiting for me to pick it up from its dusty shelf). This doesn't mean that it was easy since it took me around four months to finish it, with books for my dissertation interrupting in between and much more uni work stopping me from fully enjoying it. However, I made it! So here goes the review for you.

The series is divided into three books narrated from the perspective of the protagonist, Nihal, and Sennar, the second protagonist. The first book is about Nihal's life before and during her initiation to war and in the Emerged World to fight against the Tyran, who's subjugated its people for years; the second one's about Sennar's trip as a Wizard Councellor through the Submerged World to call its people for help in the war against the Tyrant; and the third one's about the final war between the lands of the Emerged World and the Tyrant.

From this outline you've probaby pictured the books as a war series, which they are in a way; however, the books also include themes such as love, friendship and courage.

Nihal is a beautifully depicted character, being her a strong young woman with high purposes for her people and an endless determination to fight the evils of the Emerged World's society. Not only is she a brave warrior, but also a sensitive half-elf in love with nature and its beings.

Sennar, on the other hand, is a shy young man and friend to Nihal whose character evolves through the books towards becoming a brave man and a wise wizard.

I also really enjoyed the description of secondary characters such as the dwarf called Ido, the witch Soana and many more. The choice of names is also very interesting and would love to know where they came from!

The book is written in a simple but engaging style which could be read at any age, so I recommend this to anyone looking for a break from the routine into a world of magic, wizards and warriors.

Have you read the series? Please share your thoughts down below!

My editions: Licia Troisi, 2004 / 2005, Nihal della Terra del Vento, La missione di Sennar, Il talismano del potere, Milano: Mondadori.


  1. Sounds like a great series. I'll have to check it out!

    Renee | Life After Lux