2 January 2017

Did I Achieve My 2016 Resolutions?

Me being a happy traveller while visiting Cheddar Gorge with my best friend!
Happy New Year! I hope your celebrations were fun and safe this year. I spent the evening at home with some friends having dinner and prosecco and playing pictionary, which was so fun and cosy. What have you been up to? I was inspired by my fellow blogger Adelaide from A Worldly Addiction to go through my last year's resolutions and comment on whether I achieved them or not (hopefully it's gone well!). I still haven't properly thought about my new year's resolutions for 2017, so writing this might help me make my next list. You can read my 2016 New Year's Resolutions post here.

1 - Read more
Check! Although I wasn't such a devoted member of Goodreads as I am now and occasionally neglected to mark the books I read, I think I must have read around 20 to 22 books in 2015. In 2016 I read 25, which means I didn't pass my idealistic 50 books challenge but that I still read a little more than the previous year. 

2 - Read more spiritual and self-help books
Absolutely. It was thanks to The Power of Now that I found out how interesting, fun and helpful self-help books can be, despite often being a bit simplistic. But I don't care, I'm all into them! Books in this category that I read in 2016 include The Power of Now obviously, which took five months to read and sink in (all worth it), Big Magic, which inspired me to start writing a fictional story and The Body Book, which helped me stay in shape over the year (it's so motivational). I also read some spiritual but more on the fictional side books by Paulo Coelho: Veronika Decides to Die and The Fifth Mountain. I'm still struggling to finish The Mastery of Love by Miguel Ruiz, but hopefully I'll get there in 2017. 

3 - Keep learning German
Sadly, not. My internship in Barcelona kept me super busy, and in September I started my final year at university, which is super hectic. So no, I didn't make time to do A2 German and I'd rather do it properly when I do than rushing into it. Schande!

4 - Write more articles for my university newspaper
Check! I didn't write a ton, but I did keep the entries going, my best one being inspired by this blog post. 

5 - Get more work experience
Yes!!! During my Erasmus in Valencia I decided it was high time I got some work experience and did a five month-internship in Barcelona, which was so much work but was so rewarding and taught me so many life lessons.

6 - Be more productive than last year
I would say more yes than no, although there hasn't been a massive change in the effort I put into studying, as I always try my best. As for blogging, I did a lot while in Barcelona and in summer, but not so much while at uni because of work. Overall, I'm quite satisfied!

7 - Keep blogging
See point 6.  

8 - Keep travelling
Yaaas! Summer 2016 was one of the most international I've had so far! From Hamburg to Amsterdam and the various seas, I've seen so much of Northern Europe which was so cool. I've also got to know Catalonia very well through day trips and thoroughly explored Barcelona in my time there. 

9 - Improve my cooking skills
Yes, or at least, I feel a lot more confident in the kitchen in general. I have learnt how to make many more dishes and developed a stronger intuition towards what is right and wrong while cooking. All this thanks to my housemate Hannah who is the best student-cook ever and taught me that quick and tasty can actually go together. So I'm perhaps still not a proper cook but I get by :) 

10 - Improve my salsa skills
Sadly didn't. In Barcelona I couldn't really find a studenty place that organised classes. And now, each time I try to go to a salsa class in Bristol I get put off by the rain, the cold or the distance. So I kind of postponed that every time. 

11 - Do yoga and meditation regularly
Check! Thanks to Diaz's book I got yoga into my morning routine and literally cannot imagine waking up without doing it for at least five to ten minutes. As for meditation, I noticed with time that it's something I am dependent on, and do at least 4 minutes every morning. To track my practice, I use an app called Insight Timer which rewards you with milestones each time you are regular and got so many stars, which confirmed that I reached my goal. 

12 - Be mindful
Not sure if you can cross out such a resolution as it's quite abstract - I will for the sake of my selfconfidence. Reading The Power of Now was what helped me most with that, and I'm convinced that not only will I maintain it like I am doing now, but I will plunge into that mindset if I read Tolle's A New Earth. 

I hope this list didn't come across as boasting - I do believe praising yourself is important every now and then, whilst staying humble. And I am! I still need to learn so much and work so hard for the future. But I am not ashamed to look back and patting myself on the back for having reached most of my goals for 2016. Stay tuned for my 2017 resolutions and again, Happy New Year!

Read Adelaide's post here

Did you achieve your 2016 resolutions? 


  1. Lovely goals, Assia! Especially the yoga one :) I took zumba this year in place of yoga, and I'm missing it more than ever, so I will definitely be back into yoga some time this year.
    I actually stopped making resolutions for myself; I found it was too pressure on me. But the one thing I am hoping I can achieve this year is landing permanent work, as I've been supplying for the past 2 years. Permanent work would at least mean job security and more realistic plans for the future. Keeping my fingers crossed for this! Have a lovely 2017 start :-)


    1. Hey Lor, Happy New Year! Oh no, I couldn't imagine a start of year without resolutions! But it's quite a personal thing I guess. I really hope you can get a permanent job, hopefully the time is close :)