21 January 2017

Monthly Favourites - November and December 2016

Despite having taken this picture yesterday (and hence in January) - November and December have been months full of treats. To keep the study going I treated myself to so many cups of hot chocolate, tea and cake (which was unhealthy for the body but not for the heart!). Plus, I'm a fan of pre-Christmas celebrations and hygge and had candles lit up all the time, bundled up in my PJs and blankets. Obviously my magical housemates were there to help, putting the kettle on whenever necessary and making the atmosphere cosy. Right now we're in January and I'm trying to get back to 'real life', even though the feeling of nostalgia is a big one. But I'm ready for the new year, as you could see in my New Year's Resolutions post. Read on to find out abotu my favourites of the past two months!

 - 5 Minute Journal 
As you might have seen from my Instagram, I have started using the 5 Minute Journal as gratefulness diary. The way it works is you write three things you are grateful for in the morning and positive affirmations, and then three amazing things that happened in the evening and how you could have made the day better. I used this as an app in the past but can definitely see how the physical version is more effective and fun to do - so I do recommend it!

- My article on Epigram
My last article on University of Bristol's newspaper Epigram on how yoga can improve your lifestyle.

Talk: Helen Russell's Living Danishly: inspiring ideas from the world's happiest country 
After Legoman, aka English journalist Helen Russell's husband, was offered a job from Lego in rural Denmark, the couple decided to leave hectic London and move there. Helen used this time to write a book on Danish culture and why its people are so happy. This is a talk organised by Action for Happiness where she introduces the book (after which I decided to read it plus got obsessed with the idea of travelling to Denmark).

- Film: Palm Tree in the Snow 
Palm Trees in the Snow (Palmeras en la nieve) is a Spanish historical drama film following two plot lines. The main one is a forbidden love story between Kilian, a Spanish colonialist, and a Guinean woman, Bisila, in 1950s Ferando Poo (currently Bioko). The connecting story is about Kilian's niece Clarence's quest on the past of her family in her first trip to the African island. 

This is probably one of the best films I have ever seen - it's got everything a good plot and visual effects a film needs: love, pain, passion, hatred and so forth. Plus, being set on a very green island with stunning white beaches it's visually beautiful. Needless to say that the aare ridiculously goodlooking (which is definitely a plus in film dramas!). The film is quite long (2.30h!) but so worth it. So make sure first film you watch next is this one!
Watch the trailer here

What were your favourites in the past two months? 

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