1 February 2017

Cream Tea in Bath

Whenever I have the chance to I enjoy treating myself to a day in Bath since it's such a lovely place and it's very close to Bristol. When I realised I still hadn't posted any pictures of this small town on the blog, I borrowed my friend's camera and went crazy with it!
What I like about Bath is its small size and authenticity; every corner is unique, its Georgian buildings alternating beautiful shades of black and beige. There are also many independent cafes and tea rooms which are a nice change to Bristol's city centre's chains (although Clifton Village and Stokescroft offer some really peculiar independent shops and charity shops). This time, I went with my housemate Hannah and her friend Carla, and spent a lovely time together.

The Pump Room - Bath's oldest and most beautiful tea room

Doors of the Circus

These pictures of Bath Abbey aren't actually from the same trip but thought I'd include them anyway :)

We obviously had to stop for cream tea. We opted for Sally Lunn's, which was extremely touristic (and very different from when I first visited it back in 2009) but the scones were fresh and warm and the tea was very good, so we coulnd't complain :)

Cream tea in Bath was great and we went back to Bristol in a good mood - tired from the trip but satisfied with the day behind us.

Have you ever been to Bath?


  1. Bath looks so beautiful! Lovely photos :)

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. I know, it's one of my favourite places in the UK!! Thank you :)