2 February 2017

Hygge Getaway in Chorleywood

I've recently read a book on the Danish Hygge - a concept hard to translate, which means something like creating cosiness, connection and well being, as you would when sipping hot chocolate in front of a cracking fireplace, with your best friends on a cold day of winter (how wonderful!). While during Christmas I tried as hard as I could to recreate hygge by putting up fairy lights, lighting candles and frantically making hot chocolate, it didn't occur to me that in a few weeks' time my friends and housemates and I would have gone on a weekend retreat before the start of classes - the perfect occasion to get hygge and get our minds off things.

It was thanks to my friend Naomi that we had to chance to stay at her farm in Chorelywood, a small village in the countryside near London. We left Bristol early in the morning and got there by lunchtime. Since the London tube had some traffic issue, we even got to walk for a half hour in the centre of London, which I really appreciated since it's one of my favourite cities in the world. We only passed the Mall, Buckingham Palace and Green Park, but I still enjoyed a different atmosphere from Bristol.

Needless to say that when I entered the house and saw the living room I immediately fell in love with it! It was so cosy, with a Persian rug (which I love) and comfy sofas we chilled on for hours - obviously wrapping ourselves up with layers of blankets and warm jumpers. The stag head over the sofa was slightly creepy, but it gave a bit of a retro touch to the room which I appreciated haha!

Things we did during the day included reading, watching films and going for walks in the muddy fields. During these we often met sheep and cows which terrified some of my friends and made others laugh (including me - I took a few selfies with the sheep who really seemed to be enjoying themselves). At some point we even got surrounded by a flock of sheep who thought we were their guide for some reason, haha! We also had a few little tandem sessions while walking. I spoke in Spanish with Lizzie and Naomi and Hannah and Lizzie practiced German. We also spoke about our future careers and dreams, and thought back about our year abroad experiences. It all felt so simple and mindful, something I greatly miss when in Bristol. 

On the first day it was very foggy as you can see from the pictures. On the second day it even snowed, but after that the weather went back to just being chilly and windy. One of the main ideas behind hygge is to warm up at home when it's cold outside - so this contributed to my hygge plan!

This was the book I brought with me to the farm - Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman. Although this book sat on my shelf for months, it only took me a few days to read it. It's a young adult historical fiction novel on Gretchen, Hitler's niece, who finds herself questioning her beloved uncle's beliefs on race due to a peculiar encounter with Daniel, a Jew journalist. Anne Blankman's style is smooth and the plot is so intriguing. I can't wait to start reading Conspiracy of Blood and Fire, the book's sequel. I absolutely recommend it for all ages (I only found out later that it was a young adult book, but it doesn't feel like it at all).

Our weekend getaway at the farm was lovely - we got to relax and get ready for the intense term ahead of us in the best way possible. I am a fan of the countryside, reading and hygge quality time, so this proved to be the perfect combo.

Have you ever been on a hygge retreat?


  1. It's funny, but I've only recently heard about the term hygge in the last couple of months. It's basically everything I strive for! Haha there's a book on how to live a hygge life that I'm dying to read. It looks like you ladies had such a lovely retreat.
    I probably have been on a hygge retreat of some sort...the type of weekend where everything is cozy and it's just a nice get-away from your normal routine. Maybe when I first went to Florida 5 years ago...I think that was the "coziest" get-away so far. We stayed with our family-friends in a beautiful little Florida home, had an outdoor pool, and every day, you'd just wake up to beautiful sunshine and sit by the pool. It was very low-key and super relaxing :)


    1. We really did thank you :) Your trip to Florida sounds amazing and so hygge!

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