21 February 2017

Monthly Favourites - January 2017

Apart from the weekend off I took with my friends, January has been a month of full on study. I took my history exam and did material research for my dissertation, which I am currently writing. Unfortunately, this doesn't leave me much time to blog. However, I decided to make the most of today;s 'opportunity' - I'm feeling a bit ill and therefore lacking the concentration to study - to blog my favourites of last month. Read on to find out what they are!

- Cornelia Grimsmo's How to Build Your Inner Home
How to Build Your Inner Home is a short eBook written by Norwegian YouTuber Cornelia Grimsmo, one of my favourite YouTubers at the moment. The book is about mindfulness and daily actions you can include in your life to improve your well being and so called inner home, a space of love and happiness you can create within yourself and that you can always go to - whenever you're feeling happy, sad, or unsure of what to do about a situation. I decided not to dedicate a whole post to this as it's a very short one and would have hated not to include a picture of it!
Purchase the book here

- YouTube channel: Fly with Haifa
Fly with Haifa is a YouTube channel ran by a Palestinian girl living in UAE who likes documenting her trips around the world as well as organising little humanitarian projects - like interviewing refugees to understand their living conditions. Besides enjoying the channel's content, I tend to watch it to keep my Arabic fresh as Haifa's Arabic is very clear and sometimes she even inserts subtitles to follow more easily.
Check out one of my favourite videos here

- Film Documentary: Twinsters
Twinsters is a Netflix documentary about two adopted sisters originally from South Korea but who grew up apart in a French and an American family, and who find out to have a twin sister in their 20s. This is a light-hearted, short documentary film that I really enjoyed watching.
Watch the trailer here
- Historical drama film: Black Book
Along with Palm Trees in the Snow, Black Book is one of the best films I've watched so far. I love stories set in the Second World War and some drama and this provided the perfect mix. The film's about Rachel Stein, later Ellis de Vries, a Dutch Jew who is forced to change her papers due to Nazi laws, and her double identity as a member of the Dutch communist resistance and the German Nazi Party. I loved Rachel / Ellis as she is such a strong female character in a time when being a woman and a Jew was no easy task. Her relationship with MΓΌntze, a German officer is also intriguing and just problematic.
Watch the trailer here
You can watch the film is on Netflix - I really enjoyed watching in the original version as it included a great mixture of languages: Dutch, German, Hebrew and English.
What are your favourites of the month? 


  1. Best of luck on your studies, Assia! January was a month of tragedy for us actually...(the end of it...) so I can't say I have fond memories of that time.
    If you ask me now though - I'll say Riverdale! - the latest guilty pleasure on Netflix Brian and I are watching ;)


    1. I'm really sorry for your loss, Lor. I hope you and Brian are feeling better now. Right now I'm drowned in university assignments but can't wait to catch up with you and all of our blogging :)