16 March 2017

Monthly Favourites: February 2017

After January exams, February put me back on track with classes and new assignments. I also finished writing my dissertation, which felt great! As nerdy as that might sound, I really enjoy writing essays and it has always been my favourite thing about being a university student outside social life. I find writing to be a calming and pleasurable activity, and I love how, compared to exams, it gives you the time to gradually formulate ideas and adapt your style. I also made time to read a few interesting books, which I'll soon be sharing with new posts.

- Interview: Cheryl Strayed on How to Become a Writer, The Power of Art & More
While my book project has sadly been put aside due to university assignments (this is my last term and requires so much commitment), I still want to write it and love to get motivated by listening to interviews and watching writing vlogs. I still haven't read Cheryl Strayed's bestseller Wild, but I watched the film and loved it, so I'm planning to at some point. In any case, I found her intervention in Forleo's programme very helpful. It also reminded me of Elizabeth Gilbert's take on creativity and writing (read more about it here).
Watch it here

Marte van Liere aka Zoe Wild is my new favourite Youtuber... and girl crush! I love how spontaneous she is and the content thoughts she shares in her videos. I abolutely recommend watching her travel videos and healthy habits ones. 
Watch her videos here

Although I haven't been doing much new language learning lately - I'm mostly using English, Spanish and Italian but practising the same tasks - I have enjoyed listening to some of Luca's motivation tips. That is helping to improve my Spanish, and I also really want to make time to learn Arabic in the next few months and I feel like I'm going to need those soon! 
Watch his videos here

What were your favourites this month?

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