12 March 2017

Prisoner of Night and Fog and Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke by Anne Blankman - Book Series Review

Before starting to write my February favourites, I'd like to dedicate a post to two of the best novels and first series of books I read so far this year - "Prisoner of Night and Fog" and "Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke" by American author Anne Blankman. If you liked The Book Thief, All The Light We Cannot See and Suite Francaise, then keep reading!
Set during Hitler's takeover and the Second World War, the two books narrate the story of Gretchen, a German and perfectly Aryan girl who also happens to be Hitler's niece, as well as his fan number one. However, when she meets Daniel, a Jew and a member of the resistance who helps her uncover an unsolved mystery on her father, she'll have to start questioning her beliefs.

Although the two books are set in different places - the first one in Munich, and the second one in Oxford and Berlin - and revolve around different secondary characters, they offer very similar plot lines and focus on the same two protagonists. I really appreciated this as after having finished reading the first book I was really hoping for a similar sequel. I loved the duo made by Gretchen and Daniel and how both of their roles get questioned because of their beliefs and the complex time they live in.

I also enjoyed Blankman's style unlike what I expected from an American author - I generally prefer British English, but of course I'm open to any good book.

I definitely recommend this book if you like historical dramas. While it's targeted young adult I found it a book suitable for all ages - you won't regret it!

My editions: Anne Blankman, 2014. Prisoner of Night and Fog. London: Headline.
Anne Blankman, 2015. Conspiracy of Night and Fog. London: Headline.

Goodreads: 4/5.


  1. Another fine review, Assia. Now that you're reading historical novels, note that I have a new novel out, "Hippies," which tries to capture what it was like to be twenty-ish in the midst of the late 60s cultural revolution. (And there's a running subplot in medieval Germany, thanks to a weird batch of LSD stumbled upon by my curiosity-seeking hippies :) ) Email me offline if you want more info. Gary,

    1. Dear Gary, thank you for your comment! I did notice your new novel and can't wait to read it - although, it'll have to wait for a few months when I finish university :)