29 April 2017

Monthly Favourites - March and April 2017

I am back in Bristol after a few weeks at home, which was so lovely. Those days felt amazing compared to the rush of assignments and homework back in March. I'm currently preparing for my interpreting and languages exams, which is hard but much better than studying for a cultural unit exam - I'm so grateful to have already taken my Spanish history exam in January and not have to prepare anymore! I've also submitted another essay and my dissertation which felt so great - in the past few months I've been so productive and despite being so challenging it's also very satisfying. Being home also felt amazing because every now and then I really do need to get away from Bristol as it's difficult not to associate it to university and studying. I also went to the beach for a day in Marina di Torre del Lago and did a little yogi photoshoot which was so fun (make sure you check it out on my Instagram)! So I actually didn't spend much time reading or watching stuff, but I hope you still appreciate these few things.

- Study with Me Videos
To keep myself motivated while studying, I started keeping 'study with me' videos on YouTube in the background. I have tried a few and found the ones by The Strive Studies and LilyLikecom more useful. Although it could seem a bit strange (which I get haha), I find it very useful to focus on what I'm studying :)

While I normally use Insight Timer to do meditation, every now and then I like to try something different. I find Suzanne Robichaud's voice very soothing and I enjoyed doing this energizing meditation in the morning. 

- TV Series: La Reina del Sur 
Although La Reina del Sur is known for being a soap opera - which it kind of is in some points - I found it such a fun series to watch while studying. It made the perfect study break as each episodes is only 40 minutes long and it's very easy to follow. I also used it to listen to some Spanish - it includes both Mexican and Spanish - and learn more about drug trafficking, immigration and other issues linked to corruption in Spain and Latin America.
The story, which is inspired to Arturo Perez Reverte's novel La Reina del Sur, is about Teresa Mendoza, who is forced to run away from Sinaloa after the murder of her husband where she will start a new life linked to drug trafficking.
What were your favourites this month?


  1. Happy May, Assia! :-)
    I'd love to try meditation in the morning! (Usually I'm sitting there peacefully anyway with my cup of coffee & water, and playing with my cat, haha).
    I didn't particularly have any favourites this month..but I will say: I've been loving all the tulips popping in! Just nice for the beginning of spring.


    1. Hey Lor, that's so cute! I love flowers, though I still need to learn how to grow and water them properly hehe :) and yeah do try meditation, it's the best cure for anything! Assia xxx